Building A Business Which Charlie Munger Would Love: The Illusion of Success

Building A Business Which Charlie Munger Would Love is a series where I talk with Carlo Gioja, the founder of Value Asia, about how important it is to have the right business model and understand the possibilities and features of the Connection Economy in order to achieve success and ultimately Build a Monopoly in your field.

This is the third episode where we talk about my early experience in understanding how a business is supposed to be conducted versus the reality of The Illusion of Success that I was encountering.


The Rest of the Series:

Getting Started

Deliver Meaningful Value

The Illusion of Success

Experiencing Failure

Lessons From Failure

Learning From Customers

Invest in Your Customers

Know, Then Minimize Your Risk

Command An Audience And Grow

Build A Monopoly

Apply The Golden Rule

Answer Questions And Help Solve Problems

Understand the Internet

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