POWER OF FREE! #1: Intelligent Content Marketing in the Connection Economy: Publishing is the Key to Success

Probably the worst news in the connection economy that you’ve heard is whether you like it or not, you’re going to be a publisher. In my head, I’m an immigration guy. I help people with their immigration problems. But, as a business, we’re a publishing company.

We’re a publishing company that makes lots of money out of giving stuff away for free, recognising that people will pay us to access our expertise in their circumstances. But a publisher, it makes you nonetheless. Now, you could say, How the hell do I start to become a publisher? Well, please remember, I started with nothing as well. If you go to our YouTube channel, you’ll see the early work. It’s all there. That early work revealed what I was up to and how I was doing it. Look at our contemporary work, and you’ll see my guy. How do they get from here? It’s all part of the evolutionary experience. But it would be best if you started publishing first. So you buy cheap equipment.

Publisher mindset in the connection economy

I think I started with less than 500 US dollars, with green screen equipment, cheap lights and find these lights. So those very lights that I still have. Believe it or not, cheap lights, cheap camera, good microphone, and then start sharing your knowledge. Start giving away whatever it is that you’ve got your secret sauce. Please share it with people who will get value out of it. At the same time, please start thinking about how you should begin to monetise that without actually stepping on their toes. So you’re a publisher. But even today, while I’ve got a full video production company that has grown out of our ability to sell immigration services using this technique, the material we put up there in the main is negligible to produce.

You can look at our videos, so I haven’t got the equipment. I can’t do that, well, you’re not supposed to do that. You do it the way that I initially did it to that quality, and you keep on doing it, and you do it properly. The business will come, and you’ll be able to invest, and you’ll be able to grow, and you’ll get your quality improved. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself as a  publishing company like we are.

But the vast majority of the content you put together, you can do it by yourself. The old, all the early content was done by me entirely. So it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be a publisher. What you need is a publisher mindset.


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Publishing is the Key to Success

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