POWER OF FREE! #2: Expert Niche in Intelligent Content Marketing: Making A Market Of Your Own

Not only are you going to put together a proposition that is frictionless, but you also want to anticipate that you have an opportunity now because you’re laying down the foundations for what your expert niche is or looks like. You have an opportunity to understand how it’s presently being done.



Using the content you’ve already invested in, and you’ve already published and are there serving your purposes. Use that to develop products and services that your competition can’t offer because they haven’t got the resources that you’ve built up over time. In our business model, we have four options. That’s it. You get to buy one or four things.

Our Expert Niche has four options:

You get to buy an hour of our professional time. We support you using all my free resources. You get to buy two hours of professional time to help you use all of the free resources. Or you get up to five hours of professional time using with us, supporting you using our resources. Maybe you decide you’re just going to give everything to us anyway. We’ll take care of everything from beginning to end, which is a full-service, platinum product.

Now we’re able to disrupt or introduce disruptive products into the marketplace, as I say, because of our content. The interesting thing about putting this kind of pricing scheme together is that all that you’re actually doing in real terms, as you’re removing price as being any kind of obstacle to having a relationship with you. Because in our sphere of business, we have a product that is 100% Free. We completely support that through our questions-answered proposition. That is 100% free and you move through to just buying time, but different segments at different stages in the processes.

In the end, you can perhaps you know, decide, well, actually, I don’t want to do any of this myself. I now understand what’s really involved in this. I’m going to get these guys to do it for me. Well, the Platinum product is effectively what all our competition is selling today. But the route to our Platinum product is very different to the route to everybody else’s product.

We disrupted our market

Because we’ve been able to develop this range of services, out of our publishing activities in our expert niche, and at once disrupt the market for immigration services. Now, when those clients that do come along that are sensitive to price, they do have an opportunity to buy one of our lower-priced offerings, whereas previously, they were not even in the game for this kind of service. So they would probably do it by themselves and make a mess of it. So you’ve got an opportunity to creatively disrupt your marketplace, through having defined how you want the market to be experienced through the orientation of the content that you’ve developed.

In conclusion,  take the advantage of the opportunity to put services into the marketplace that other people can do because they haven’t got your resources. As Seth Godin says, you basically don’t find customers for your products. You find products for your customers.


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