POWER OF FREE! #2: Expert Niche in Intelligent Content Marketing: Becoming A Publisher

So you become a publisher in your Expert Niche. Getting started can be quite daunting. If you’ve listened to me now I’ve had, I’ve laid it all out all sounds very easy, I suppose. But how do you get there?


You get there by producing your first piece of content, and then your second, and then the third, and then the fourth and the fifth. Effectively, what you do is you start off by saying to yourself, what are the top 100 questions that anybody would ever want to ask me about me and my business or my expertise?

Answer questions on your Expert Niche

I’m going to produce answers to those top 100 questions. You might want to, you know, do it in front of the video, and just talk for 90 seconds to the video and answer those questions. But anyway, you take the first step, you just publish, and publish and publish and publish. Before you know it, you end up with a huge collection of resources. You say to yourself, I was like, I really like it in business, not having this incredible asset behind me, that just keeps on delivering day in, day out.

That’s the benefits of publishing and that’s how the modern internet economy through my experience.


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Becoming A Publisher
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