POWER OF FREE! #2: Expert Niche in Intelligent Content Marketing: The Winner Takes All

Because thinking strategically about how your proposition is going to be constructed, you will clearly produce the kind of outcomes to your business that has been reflected in how we have sort of manifested is you’ll have those component pieces, you’ll put all those things together, in your expert niche.


That basically makes for, as I say, a frictionless experience with your customer. But that’s just really all sort of front window dressing, what’s really important is what’s going on at the back end. All that stuff is vital, but it’s the type of stuff you just have to do once and do it properly. It continues to serve your interest until you decide to correct creatively disrupt yourself. But when you start publishing, you start to produce this huge sink on the internet, that represents your opportunity to map the knowledge information graph in your expert niche, which you will do over time. And this is how it works.

The people see the thick of the iceberg, they see what’s going on at the front. But they’re only interested in that stuff, to the extent that it actually delivers value to them and helps them solve a problem or it answers a question for them. Beyond that people aren’t interested, which is just the way that we are. But underneath what you’re really doing as you publish, is building up a collection of resources that over time, allows you to anticipate that every time somebody ever asks a question on your niche on the internet anywhere. Then, because of the extent of your publishing efforts, you will be able to deliver content against that search.

Power of Connection Economy

If they’ve done if you deliver content against that search, and they’ve had a remarkable experience on your website, and you’ve inculcated an idea virus, which we discussed last time. You have graced your generosity on these people, they will remember you. Through that, the power of the connection economy really comes into its own.

But now we’ve arrived at the point where every piece of content that we do is which is essentially an answer to a question, we coin, the question. The question is whether coin gets picked up by the search engines, which is what people are increasingly typing into them anyway. So naturally, when you get very close hits with these questions, the search engines deliver your answers.

Publish on your expert niche

As you do this over time, effectively, you will deliver content against anything that’s even remotely associated with your nation. We now deliver content against 65,000 search strings in our knees. So you can take any combination of Hong Kong immigration language and put it into Google. We have 10s and 10s of 1000s of returns against it.

That all happens inside a WordPress platform. I’m only going to talk about WordPress because that’s all that we’ve ever used. I’m sure there are many other capable technologies that achieve similar results. We use WordPress already knows who WordPress is, right. Yeah. Great stuff. Okay. So as you can see one of our clients, basically described as being the Wikipedia of Hong Kong immigration.

I think that’s a fair assessment of what we’ve been able to accomplish over the last three and a half years since we’ve been publishing. So, if you get there first, and you do it properly, effectively, the winner takes all.


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The Winner Takes All
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