POWER OF FREE! #2: Expert Niche in Intelligent Content Marketing: Absolutely Worth It

So now I’ve explained all of this, I’m going to ask you, what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? WordPress is free, identify your Expert Niche and go for it!


The themes that you put over the top of it is 20-25 US dollars each. If you don’t have any tech skills, you can go to Elance or Fiverr. You can get people for very good prices to do work for you when you need it. You can make your own videos at home, cheaply. I invested about 500 US dollars in my first piece of video equipment. The first probably 100 videos that I did was with that equipment.

You don’t need much money to do videos these days. It’s about answering questions, solving problems, and polling your knowledge in a useful way. It doesn’t have to be BBC time quality. Infographics are a great way of communicating your know-how. You can pay $30 a month for an online service where you can compete as a complete novice and throw together infographics that illustrate your know-how. A very cost-effective way of developing interesting content.

Expert Niche information

We podcast answers to questions that come via our websites, you will think that’s really complex, expensive technology. I use my iPhone and create an mp3, mp4, which converts an mp3 and I post it to the blog directly. It takes me 15 or 20 minutes to produce a piece of valuable content, four or five times a week, just using my iPhone, and again, the WordPress platform. It doesn’t cost you anything to write obviously.

These days, curating information on your expert niche is also a good way of complementing your own expertise by according credit to other people that are saying interesting things in the space or, having content that’s of value to the people that you call your tribe. So you can create other people’s content. Over time, it doesn’t take long to develop a really profound well resourced website on the internet that is going to be serving your interests and actually helping the customers that you know you want to have as you’re trying.

Level of detail

But it’s all there. It’s all to be done. So once we come to the end of this talk, I’ve added a little bit more level of detail as to you know, how we’ve gone about doing what we’re doing and the experience that we’ve had along the way. I may make it sound easy, but I’m not telling you It’s easy. If I’d known three and a half years ago that I would have had to do all the work that I’ve done to get where I am today. I would have said absolutely.

But, by the time you’ve experienced all of that you realize how hard you’ve actually worked. So it’s not my message to say it’s going to be easy. I’m just saying it’s absolutely worth it.


Attaining Expertise  
My 4 Areas Of Expertise
Turning Expertise Into Monopoly
Fine Tuning Into Your Market Space
Making A Market Of Your Own
Becoming A Publisher
The Winner Takes All
Absolutely Worth It

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