POWER OF FREE! #3: Purple Cow in Intelligent Content Marketing: Meet Our Idea Virus

So you’ve built your purple cow. Now what you need to do is propagate it. And the way that we chose to propagate ourselves was to take advantage of every kind of mutation that Phil Wilson gave me 15 years ago,


when he would announce to his listeners on rthk radio three that Steven Barnes, the Hong Kong visa, Giza, would become an entity to answer questions on the radio in the next couple of hours. So please send them in. And I always thought when he would announce me as the Hong Kong visa geezer, that’s, that’s quite catchy. I find the role for that at some stage in the future. And then when we put our first business onto the internet in 2011, the Hong Kong Visa Center website and the Hong Kong visa handbook handbook being the content site, the center being where we sell our services, I knew a year and a half later that there was something missing in the configuration of our of our web presence, and that there was a big a big, a loophole that you could drive a bus through. And that was an up daily scan updated daily content site, or blog. And I realized then that even though I spent two years producing the Hong Kong visa Handbook, we got about eight 8000 resources in of itself, that content wasn’t updated on a regular basis, it was a great resource, but it didn’t give me an opportunity to completely keep that up to date and keep it live and dynamic.

So I decided that I needed a third website, which needed a jet which needed a name. And so I’m long behold, finally, I had an opportunity to use the Hong Kong visa visa. And that’s why I used it, because when you look at our web analytics, you’ll learn something very interesting. That effectively the single most common search string that delivers people to our website is Hong Kong visa visa, because this is how it goes. People have come onto our websites and encountered a purple cow. And they’ve remembered it. And then six months later, they’re in a bar waiting for their friend to come. And he’s 15 minutes late, puffing and panting because he’s been down at the Immigration Department. And it’s all a mess and isn’t a lot to do. So this gentleman says, well, there’s a website out there.

Hong Kong, Visa, Giza, they don’t remember Steven Barnes of the Hong Kong Visa Center. Remember Hong Kong visa visa. And so that way, we’ve developed an idea virus that allows you to propagate your proposition offline, amongst the audience that you count as your customers. And unfortunately, in Hong Kong, because my customers usually arrive, Fresh Off the Boat. And then I’ve got an opportunity to be of service to them for seven years. And in that time, there’s lots of things that can happen in their lives, that suggests an immigration implication. And during that time, I’ve had an opportunity to help them. So I’m fortunate because I’ve got this seven years.

So that means that I have a huge pool of people in Hong Kong that have been serviced by us either directly as clients or through our website for our websites. And they are effectively propagating the Hong Kong visa visa, Visa idea virus for us. And that means that people are searching for it. So it makes it very easy for them to find us. So I was fortunate I was handed the Hong Kong visa Giza motif from Phil Whelan, but there’s plenty of other examples of idea viruses out there that that you can begin to construct your own proposition in light of.


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