POWER OF FREE! #4: Feel Your Market in Intelligent Content Marketing: It’s NOT about YOU!

Once you’ve understood that, the jobs to be done, guide you to your product proposition, you’ve then got to position that product into the internet, where you recognize that it’s not about you, as the business owner, it’s all about the customer.


And so you make available, everything that you’re capable of doing through an act of generosity, as Seth Godin says, By making art. you empower people to move forward with the problems that they’ve got, and have a relationship with you based on the ultimate jobs to be done. And you give the customer the control over the experience with you. In our service, we have a product that’s 100%, free, that supported on 48 hours, reply time, all the way through to a 100%. outsource, please take away the problem and solve it for me service. And you have an opportunity to go from free to platinum. by spending as much or as little money, as ultimately, you want to spend exposing yourself to the risk of the expense when you believe you’re ready to incur it. So it makes it very simple to have an economic relationship with us because you start at 2000 Hong Kong dollars for consultation. And if during the consultation, you decide you want to buy one of the other products, that’s fine, we just move on to the other products, and we discount the cost of the consultation that you’ve already paid.

So you can start at the bottom and work your way up. And you’ll see on our flagship content, the Hong Kong visa Handbook, literally everything that you need to work efficiently and effectively on an application is all there to the tune of, as I say more than 10,000 8000 pieces of content on that website alone, all 100% free of charge. Then, when you’re actually transacting with your customer, let them transact on the basis that they are naturally comfortable with. So our clients engagement process is very simple. We request a small amount of information, immigration information so that we can know our clients and open a file on them. And we can prepare our service agreement terms and our fee now, which represents our contract. And then we send that to the client along with a video that explains the rest of the clients engagement process. And then we say to them, when you’re ready to start, you pay the fee note, within three business days, the contract the world, the contract starts and within three business days, you’ll hear back from us with the next stage in the process to move the service forward.

So with our clients, we get them all the way to the point where all they need to do is make a decision that they’re ready to start and pay the females. So we don’t have any backwards and forwards asking about this guy asking about asking about the other. It’s all set out very simple, easy English language, with supported by video explaining what the nature of the commercial relationship is. And as I say, the customer chooses when they want to start, they will not hear from us, again, until they have paid the fee. Now, how many of you have got websites? How many of you show or tell everyone who comes into your website, what your services cost? Surprising most of you do not be thought about that from the perspective of the customer.

The customers coming to your website is taking a lot of effort for you to get in there. And he’s there and he’s ready to transact with you. What do you think, is the buzzing most question on his mind at the point of him making a determination whether he’s going to transact with you? Exactly. So why aren’t you doing it? People always need to understand what the value is that they’re getting involved in. And frankly, if you You’re thinking about entering a commercial relationship with somebody, you should essentially be we’re ready to put a price on it. You can talk around it in negotiation subsequently. But you should always be ready to let people know where you sit in the marketplace. And I personally, I’ve done for years and years and years, I will not transact with a website that doesn’t tell me how much it’s gonna cost.

Because I simply don’t know, right? Yeah. So we we display our schedule of fees completely, openly and transparently, and always have done from day one. And, you know, people say, Well, we don’t do because we don’t want our competition to know what we’re all about, well, actually, what you’re really doing is you’re looking for a way to compete, right? You’re looking to do something differently, you’re looking to be remarkable. Isn’t it time that you you know, started to change the way that you think just because everybody else has done it before. Like that doesn’t mean that you should And believe me, there’s nothing so special about what you do that you can keep your prices secret.


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