POWER OF FREE! #4: Feel Your Market in Intelligent Content Marketing: Embrace The Irresistible Offer

At the same time, you need to completely reverse the risk that you have in the commercial relationship, you have the customer because if you’re the expert, you’re the only one that’s in a position to understand what the real risk is.


And so you then should be able and willing to give something to the other party that is so generous, that it just melts away and the potential objections to the transaction. And that’s called an irresistible offer. And we have two irresistible offers today, our first irresistible offer is that every client that comes on the highest service package level gets a 200% money back guarantee if they don’t get their visa. And the second is, my video production company video chatter will produce a small mini documentary via an interview of customers have eyes completely free of charge, and then give it to them as a gift.

And the foundation to this initiative builds on all the precepts of the business model have outlined so far in the series of presentations. And this is that you produce something that’s generous. They will the recipients will, in this case, promote their work of art, their interview, to everybody they know it was on their websites, it will be the first time that somebody has come along and said, Here’s something for you, that’s completely free of charge. Now go away and make it work for you. And that itself, that act of generosity promotes the visa visa, idea virus that we have. Because when people are promulgating their visa visa interview, they’re also promulgating the visa geezer idea virus at the same time.

And because the theme behind the series is to create a record of modern social history, as we move from the industrial era to the connection economy, Hong Kong is undergoing seismic shifts. And so by interviewing up to 250 entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, that this exciting time over five years, we will then have a record of really what was going on in intrapreneurs heads to record the reality of everything that I’m explaining to you in this series, as about today. So this is another irresistible offer, of course, you make the offer, and people always give it will always receive it from him positively. So to conclude, then, I hope that talking today about feeling your market has allowed you to understand that, as Seth Godin says, what you really need to do, instead of finding customers for your products, it’s the old way of doing it.

You now find products for your customers. Next week, I’m going to be talking about natural SEO, and how you can achieve all of these objectives without needing to understand one line of code. I’m going to show you live in session, exactly how we’ve been able to achieve the outcomes that we have using the SEO techniques if you can call them that. That’s led to the development of our business so far. So with that, I thank you very much and I’ll answer your question.


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