POWER OF FREE! #5: Natural SEO in Intelligent Content Marketing: Google Strikes Back

As a result, they prove I was absolutely right. Because in a year or two, after I made that decision about Organic SEO, Google came down and changed the game. At this point they introduced these three animals, the Panda, Penguin, and the hummingbird.


And it doesn’t matter what they did. But what they will it resulted in is a change in the game, that when Gil had been saying for years and years in advance that the key to success with them is to produce high quality content, then you actually realize that that’s what they were telling you to do. And if you do that, and you get there first, the game is yours.

The hummingbird particularly was a validated theory, for me adjustment in the Google algorithm, because this was designed to accommodate natural language questions for the very first time or orally, and in the search engine results pages. So it shows that that’s where this is headed. Your role in all of this is to produce the highest possible content and information that helps people solve problems and answer questions.

Organic SEO process

So I’m going to talk about organic SEO and understanding that what I’m demonstrating to you now is it there is no more technical playing around to do with it whatsoever. This is all that you need to do. Don’t let anybody tell you anything different. So this is a post on our blog the other day. The key thing about this, you don’t have to understand what the question is, but the key thing about this is that its main topic is right of abode in Hong Kong.

So because it’s right to vote in Hong Kong, throughout the SEO process we should reflect everywhere else . That’s it. So this is what this post looks like to the outside world.

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