POWER OF FREE! #5: Natural SEO in Intelligent Content Marketing: Lifting Our Skirt

I’m going to show you the results of these efforts. This is a snapshot of Hong Kong visa geezers outcome between May 2012 and November 2014. And it says the following. It says that in that time, there were almost 60,000 people that came onto our website, 50% of our traffic comes from organic SEO.


And those 50,000 people came along on 71,000 occasions because a lot of people come back. But when they came on to our website, the average time on site was almost four minutes. It only took them two and a half clicks, to get the information that they need, so that their problem was solved, or their question was answered.

Traffic from Organic SEO

So for us, this is an absolutely fantastic vindication  of the way that we’ve structured our content. But look at this. This is the top 10 sources of our content in this time. 50% of our traffic comes from Google organic 50%. But the direct num, are people who already have their URL or URL available to them for one reason or another, and they’re finding their way there, but you can treat them as organic traffic.

Internal referral traffic

This is an internal referral, LinkedIn, our direct emailing activities, Hong Kong Visa Center. Josh Stein live site up grind and wi AWS is also contributing writer for Forbes and he wrote a very gracious piece on his experience with dealing  with my business. As a result of that we get a hell of a lot of traffic from Forbes, which can only be good.

Of course, then you see Facebook and then right down at the bottom, as you probably expect, Yahoo organic, which really is only just over 1% of all our search traffic. So this is the performance that our website is delivering but you say to yourself, well, 50,000 people that’s not a lot really well, that’s for 50,000 people like 60,000 people who’ve been exposed to our brand.


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