POWER OF FREE! #6: What’s Your Story in Intelligent Content Marketing: My Formative Years

But my life is very different today. How it was when I was born because I was born in the northwest of England in a town called Blackburn, Lancashire.


And as you can see, this is an old industrial town that’s really sort of coming to the end of its end of its where but this photograph was taken in 1963. And I was born in 1962, just down that street. And there were, I was sharing a two up two down house with three other children. So there were four children in a very small room at the front and my mother and my erstwhile father was sharing the backroom. And we lived in those kind of conditions until the early 70s. When fortunately, we were recognized as being really amongst the poor of the poor and we were given excellent.

New accommodations in life really perked up after that. So that was my life really, until I was 16 years of age when I left secondary school with no qualifications. I worked for one year for a builder’s merchants in Blackburn and then decided now there’s more to life than this. I’ve got to go out and do something more with my life.