POWER OF FREE! #6: What’s Your Story in Intelligent Content Marketing: The Back Packing Years

In 1980, I embarked on a bike the backpacking is as I call them. So I spent a couple of years in Israel on a kibbutz and this was me with some of my young drunken friends, a family what he’s ever heard of a kibbutz.


It’s a certain sort of economic community that’s in Israel and and the the, the economics these days have changed from how they were 30 odd years ago when I was there. But when I was there is the peak of the experience to be on a kibbutz it was operating at its prime. So it was magnificent. And I spent two years on environments. And it really shaped the way I started to view the world. And I traveled around a bit more. And then I found myself in Western Australia, where as it happens, I do have a home. But back then I was just a backpacker. And I spent quite a bit of time selling encyclopedias from door to door, and never sold any.

But did spend a really important part of my life, when I was working on a wheat and sheep farm, where I was, I spent four months during seeding season putting the crop into the ground. And this meant that I had to spend 13 1415 hours a day in a tractor going around a very large field with nobody to talk to. And the only local radio station that we’ve got serves 2000 people, so there was absolutely nothing to listen to. And because I spent all these hours going around and around and around around, I started to think about life. And thought, Well, here I am 21 years of age, and I’ve been traveling since I was 17. And I’ve got all these experiences, I’ve done all these things, you know, life’s kind of okay, but I can’t travel forever. So you know, what’s the next step for me?

And instead of thinking that I sort of looked back, and then I realized that I thought Hang on a minute, since I was 17, to where I am now really what I’ve been doing is I’ve been setting goals for myself, and I’ve been achieving them. And so when I understood that, that’s kind of like what I was really doing, it was really logical for me to think Well, okay, I can’t travel forever, what does the next stage of my life look like? Well, what’s, what’s the highest thing that I think I’m capable of achieving? And, you know, what does that involve? So I thought, Well, okay, what I’m going to do is I’m either going to be a doctor, or a lawyer, and I’m going to go to Oxford or Cambridge. Okay, so that’s the next step in my life. So I had this awareness that I thought, well, that’s what’s coming. Next, I’m going to enjoy myself and finish the rest of my travels and find my way back to the United Kingdom. And that will join that system. And that would be, you know, the next stage of my life.

But as I like, when I left Australia, I met some interesting people in Thailand who said you should go to Japan because you can teach English in Japan. And you can get paid quite a lot of money. And this ways to get immigration status. So you know, go and do so I thought, okay, I’ll do that. So I went there. And actually, it worked out brilliantly for me. So I was hired by berlitz School of Languages. And I spent three and a half years working for berlitz in Osaka, and saved all the money that I needed for my education. So I was ready for the next stage of my life.


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