POWER OF FREE! #6: What’s Your Story in Intelligent Content Marketing: Settling Down

Unfortunately, someone intervened. That is in the first six weeks of my time in Japan, I met my wife. But actually, she was not destined to be living in Japan because where I met her was a school that is a residential school for English.


And I was there because I was staying in this cheap subsidized accommodations, providing the native English speaking environment for the school to operate in. And she was there for six weeks brushing up her English because she just been hired by Cathay Pacific. And so she was going to be a flight attendant, and she was coming to Hong Kong. So as soon as I arrived in Japan, she moved to Hong Kong. So for three and a half years, we had a relationship by remote. So once I finished my time in Japan, and I funded my education, we got married, and I moved to Hong Kong. So I moved to Hong Kong in 1987.

My wife was a flight attendant, she was away half of the time. And what I decided to do that was my logical step was to pursue a level examinations. I hadn’t done anything that school for so long. And even when I was at school, I wasn’t particularly interested in it. But I thought this is the first step. So this was pre internet. So I signed up for these correspondence courses, and I did to a levels by by remote. And while I was doing all of this, I had a job with the Sheraton Hotel and towers teaching English. And that was the last job that I’ve ever had. And I still remember the, the nature of the boss that I had, and what he represented. And I always thought once I’m in control of my own destiny, the hill my business will be completely the opposite of the way that that he is. So I did my a levels by correspondence and made was made an offer to do law to Wolfson College, Oxford on the basis, I got two A’s.

I flew to England to take the exams. And a few weeks later, I came back, I got to ease. So my opportunities to go out so it was out of the door. So after sitting down for a couple of days and being miserable with myself, I thought, well, I’ve got to do something about this. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to write to every law school in England and say, Look, this isn’t me. So I did that. And out of all the letters that I received. I was surprised to be invited to undertake the special entrance examination for the London School of Economics. So I did, I did that and eventually or essentially it seems I passed it.


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