POWER OF FREE! #6: What’s Your Story in Intelligent Content Marketing: Having Kids & The Lucky Country

So while I’m doing all this business, My children are born in Santa Ana, my eldest sianna, 1994, my youngest minor in 1996. And so we then decamped. And we moved to Australia, and I was going to commute.


And so this was the the home and the standard advice that I had when I was at home in Australia. And I had a small apartment that we owned in one shot, and I commuted between both places. So I have an absolutely beautiful charmed life in Australian all of those years. And it gave me the wonderful result of having the Australian children that have had the benefits of everything that Hong Kong has had to offer, but also having beautiful quality of life as you can have there as a child as a child. And I suppose doing that, of course, like I’m like everybody else you always want to have you always want your children to have the things that you never had. And I suppose that’s, that’s what I was doing there, but we moved to Australia.


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