POWER OF FREE! #6: What’s Your Story in Intelligent Content Marketing: The Next Few Years

That’s where we are, as of today, the next few years, well, the visa geezer interviews that I’ve just explained, that’s a really important part of of what I’m going to be doing.


In the next 16 months or so, in our own immigration services space, we’re going to continue to disrupt the model that currently exists the service model that currently exists, which is based on stuff that I was doing 20 years ago. This act of disruption is going to upset some of my old colleagues. Because until now, the way that we’ve creatively disrupted the existing immigration services market that we’ve defined for ourselves is the individual immigration services market. If you look at our content, you’ll see that it’s principally directed at people who are making decisions to themselves about immigration for for the decisions that they control for themselves, or they’re at least in a large part of control for themselves.

But that’s only 15% of the market by value. 85% of the market value is the corporate market. So our next trick is to disrupt the corporate market. And I’d hope in the next six to nine months, there’ll be something visible on the internet so you can see what we’re doing in that respect. But if you look how we’ve disrupted the individual immigration services market, you can understand that what’s coming next will be interesting and certainly disruptive. And absolutely a purple cow by definition. And increasingly, as we produce more and more content, we’re going to work on developing the GTV a YouTube channel in a website, which will basically just be a complete content full of all the content that we develop things like this and other things that we’re interested in, we talk about on a regular basis and need other people will talk about no regular basis.

People have got great stories and they’ve got great knowledge to share. And I think you know, if you think about the, the number of seminars that you go to, that you’ve really enjoyed, but they don’t get recorded, you’re not parlaying it you need to do things like this I’m only going to tell my story once because I’ve got it all recorded and want to develop a stream of content out of it and I want to make make it available to everyone in a wider and so I only need to do it once and historically it’s been so expensive in Hong Kong to get you know, high quality video done so I thought well, using video Chacha we’ll we’ll make that available to people because it’s going to become evidence that the only way that you can achieve remarkable outcomes is by using video. There’s no other way. So anyway, VG VG TV is an important part of our future years.


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