POWER OF FREE! #6: What’s Your Story in Intelligent Content Marketing: Telling YOUR Story

You know, I’ve bared my soul with you this evening. But I’ve also done this online. So anybody that comes onto our website has an opportunity to learn about me.


Because if you’re transparent, and it becomes apparent that you know you’re vulnerable, you’re authentic and you’re trustworthy. And if you can readily identify those qualities in a person, the chances of you having a relationship with them are significantly improved. The nurse you’re not able to determine whether you’re authentic, trustworthy, and vulnerable. And it’s simply a matter of telling your story, warts and all.

But why our story is important. Well, we live our lives as human beings. In a series of narratives, sequential narratives, we get up in the morning, we put on our dressing gown, we go to the bathroom, we brush our teeth. This is how we live our life. This is all this is how we think, subconsciously. And when you’re telling a story, what you’re really doing is you’re articulating a sequence of events and the narrative. And so storytelling works is because we’re biologically wired or evolutionarily wired to receive stories and this is why you need to tell it.

So you know my story, what’s yours? Do you know your story? Why are you telling it? I’d love to listen to your story. Okay, so I hope this evening I’ve explained to you by way of example, why you should have your story and why you should tell everybody your story. Next time out. I’m going to talk to you about how to disrupt your marketplace and have a lot of fun doing it.