POWER OF FREE! #6: What’s Your Story in Intelligent Content Marketing: The Law School Years

So in 1989, I went to the London School of Economics to a Bachelor of Laws. And I came out with a two, one and learned that the most important thing in life is how to think. at law school, they teach you two things.


They teach how to find things, and they teach you how to think. And whilst I’ve now forgotten all the law that essentially I was taught there, what I have retained is this particular way of thinking. And I think law gives you the opportunity to mold your your mind in that respect. So I got a very good degree from London School of Economics. And then I spent another year in London, attending the College of Law to complete the solicitors final examination, which I took and successfully passed. And all of these years, I had a champagne lifestyle, because I would spend 10 weeks in England four weeks in Hong Kong 10 weeks in four weeks in Hong Kong, and my wife was a flight attendant, so she was flying all around the world and staying in five star hotels with exceptionally generous allowances.

So most of the weekends were in when I was in law school, I would be in Italy or being in France, or I’d be in Germany, staying in these very, very nice hotels with my wife all expenses paid, so it was rather charmed life. And I commuted backwards and forwards in the first class cabin of the Cathay Pacific jumbo jet because the tickets are exceptionally cheap and she was a sufficient rank and privileged to be afforded the opportunities to buy first class tickets for staff members. So it was an exceptional, exceptional way of life.