POWER OF FREE! #7: Disrupt, disrupt in Intelligent Content Marketing: Hong Kong Visa Sherpa

Clearly than if we’ve addressed the individual immigration services space, we’ve got to turn our attention to our next trick. So our next trick clearly is the corporate space.


And once again, the corporate space is being serviced in exactly the same way as it was 21 years ago when I first started doing practicing immigration in this town. And what I can tell you is that six months from now, it’ll be live and active on the internet. And it’s a big, big, big gorilla to take on as you’d imagine. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Because once you put a creatively disruptive proposition onto the internet, like that, and then you continue to publish to it in the way that we do. Frankly, it’s just a matter of time before the market starts to organize itself around us in that particular proposition that we’ve got. So we’ve mapped it all out, we know exactly who it is that we’re speaking to, in terms of our content, which is a different audience from our, our individual market segment, we know exactly what the jobs to be done are.

And so we’ve broken down each discrete step of how people would want to have an experience with our content, solving their problems in the corporate sense, we certainly understand the psycho and emotional dynamics of of those moments, if you will. And so we’ve constructed our service proposition with those squarely in mind. We know exactly what the content is that we need to publish, so that we can speak to each of those elements of the experience that people have with us. And the service model that we’re introducing is incredibly disruptive. Clearly, in our case, the underlying facet of our business model is you can’t compete against free.

So if you can’t compete against free, you may as well at least own if you will. That notion of free by virtue of the experience that you’ve given people, and how you’ve helped them, answer the questions and solve their problems.


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