POWER OF FREE! #7: Disrupt, disrupt in Intelligent Content Marketing: Redefining Immigration Services

So within the ethos of creative disruption, essentially what we’ve done in our small way at the moment is we’ve redefined. What are the immigration experiences for people bearing in mind that the vast majority of people have immigration experiences, only ever have them a few moments in their lives.


And so each time that they go into those moments, they don’t know what awaits them. So if you can come up with a proposition that represents their expectation of what that immigration experience should be all about, and it speaks to them in the right way. Essentially, you have the market shift from under the feet of your competitors. So using all of these things, generosity, recognizing that we understand that we’re selling peace of mind, that you have got to give people the ability to parlay you on as a concept. That’s where the idea of IRAs comes in the jobs to be done, what people are really trying to achieve when they hire an immigration consultant. So they’ve got an immigration problem and they’re looking at a solution.

We understand what those jobs to be done are, and again, the psycho emotional dynamics and doing it in a remarkable way through really a purple cow.


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