POWER OF FREE! #7: Disrupt, disrupt in Intelligent Content Marketing: A Monopoly In the Making

One of the things that I learned right at the very beginning of this journey is that, essentially, the conclusions emerge that become obvious. And they only become obvious over time.


And so when I think through what we’ve done with our proposition today, I believe that we have an ethical monopoly in the wings. Because if you have your proposition in such a way that everything that that marketplace needs, you give them for free, and then treat them with the utmost respect and, and deal with people in the same way as you yourself would hope to be treated, then essentially, you can’t you can’t out compete that you’ve got to have something else going on. And so my logical conclusion is understanding what we do, how we do it. And how we’ve achieved it is that in due course, it might be 50 years from now, it might be 10 years from now, I have no idea when and doesn’t matter, really. Essentially, we’ll end up with a monopoly position. Now, there’s always going to be people who can come in and compete and do things with you. And that’s, that’s fine.

That’s what the market is all about. But one of the most exciting things I learned six months ago was when, when I heard from a bunch of Stanford speakers, that actually, the game is about monopoly today. It’s about getting their first doing it better than everybody else, resourcing it better than everybody else. Getting that niche and owning that space, and then delivering a service that people find irresistible. So you got to bear in mind at all times, when you’re thinking about your proposition. That it’s not about you. That when you’re asking yourself, okay, when I what’s the next step in my business model? On what, what do I have to do next, all you have to do is just put yourself in the feet of the person you’re dealing with, apply the golden rule, that is, you know, treat other people, just how you yourself would hope to be treated. And if you if you permeate that through down through your business model, ie a building from the ground up, then you can’t fail.

We have one policy in our company, the golden rule that said, you’ll never hear any of my people say sorry, you can do that on policy grounds. Because the policy is about you. Not about them.


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