POWER OF FREE! #8: The New Era of Marketing in Intelligent Content Marketing: Industrial Era Marketing

The whole idea of so called marketing began to change. And, you know, historically, if you pick up any kind of modern textbook, everyone thinks or certainly being taught in most like said direct business schools or talking about marketing is the 40s.


You know, the idea that you take a product and then use the four pieces as essayed here. And those four pieces are going to allow you to take your product to market. But you know, the reality is that we’re no longer in the industrial age and Industrial Age marketing doesn’t really work anymore. And so we have to sort of ask the question, Well, what does work? Where are we going? What’s the history of marketing? How can we as entrepreneurs, position ourselves right in the thick of the realities that emerged from us living in a connection economy. Now, when I was putting or developing the Hong Kong Visa Center business model, I was kind of driven by a book that I’ve read all probably six or seven years ago was from 1999, published by Harvard Business press, was basically called the experience economy.

Now, this book, essentially drove to the height of this idea that if you could connect with your audience, your market and you could deliver an experience to them, then you were on your way to kind of take advantage of really kind of like the upper end of the sophistication of the industrial economy, because this book was written in 1999. Essentially, what three years before the internet became mainstream. So when I read this book, it really gave me some ideas. And I thought, combining this reality that experiences are kind of what relates to me, with my deep domain knowledge on Hong Kong immigration, I was able to begin to construct a business model that was designed to sort of reach into the hearts of the audience that I was trying to address, and forge relationships with them on their terms. And whilst doing that actually deliver an experience to them that gave them what they needed from the relationship with me. And I had the ability to know what they needed, because I’ve been doing this stuff for so long.

And I can put myself in the shoes of my customers. I know what it’s all about. So we then went off, and we developed the Hong Kong Visa Center business model that I’ve talked about ad nauseum previously. And then, about a month ago, six weeks ago, this other book was published by Robert rose, and Kyle Johnson call experiences the seventh year of marketing. And essentially, this book set it all for me because firstly, it validated everything that we had done over the last four or five years. But also it confirmed this idea that when the notion of experienced marketing, if you will, was first promulgated in the literature in 1999. And the Internet has gone on to the point where we now have computers at the end of our hands and our arms. And essentially, the seventh year of marketing really speaks to how marketing is reflected in today’s reality.