POWER OF FREE! #8: The New Era of Marketing in Intelligent Content Marketing: A History Of Marketing

We’ve got a look at the kind of history of marketing. And what is marketing, or marketing is this idea that you’ve got something to sell that you’re going to sell for profit, and you need to get it into other people’s hands.


So, you know, if you’re a petroleum producer, and you need to market your product, how are you going to do it? As you can see here, there’s these Tigers that hang out with Tigers tails, and also they had them hanging out of the fuel cap. And so people were driving around in the 60s and 70s in the 80s with these Tiger things hanging out, and this is how So in this instance, we’re marketing, you know their product. So this is the the fifth year of marketing, the the dedicated marketing company. And then from 1996 to 2000.

When the internet really sort of came into its own, we moved into a relationship here because now we had the opportunity to not just broadcast one way to people, we had the opportunity to to receive feedback and we could then forge a relationship with people. And so we have over the course of these 20 is the sixth year of marketing, which we’re all familiar with.