POWER OF FREE! #9: The Currency of Attention in Intelligent Content Marketing: The Attention Economy

In the attention economy, then, essentially what you have to do is think about how you can mold the market as you see it by commanding their attention and in the process making them happy. Because if people are happy, they will essentially spend money with you.


And at the same time, a key ingredient in relation to that is relevancy. And as you can see here, the more relevant information or whatever it is that’s commanding your attention is, the longer you’re going to stay. And the more likely once you stay there that you’re going to take some action. And so in appreciation of this, in the modern economy, obtaining obtaining attention is like getting a source of wealth. And once you’ve commanded that source of wealth essentially puts you in a commanding position to always achieve other things because you’ve won people’s attention at that point. And paying attention is not over when it’s over. It can last a lifetime.

It just depends what it is and what you’ve done. So now starting to corral people’s attention or the potential to get people’s attention if you understand the dynamics of the attention economy.