POWER OF FREE! #9: The Currency of Attention in Intelligent Content Marketing: How WE Gain Attention

Okay, so I figured this out. So how do we gain attention? What does the Hong Kong Visa Center do to gain attention? Well, we’ve produced a remarkable business model. We’ve created a purple cow.


We’ve understood the psychology of the moment when people are interacting with us via content on the web, we understand what we’re selling, we’re selling peace of mind, we’re not selling a visa outcome. We do it in a generous way. by reaching out and sharing I know how and i p and being generous throughout, and we deliver us an experience as I discussed in the last talk, and we can deliver that experience and in the process, we make customers happy. And we make them happy with relevant content and choices because we understand what’s going on in their mind at the point of them having a relationship with us via content on the internet.