POWER OF FREE! #9: The Currency of Attention in Intelligent Content Marketing: What Are You Waiting For

If I can leave you with one thing, it’s this sort of idea that, frankly, if I can do this, anybody can actually, because I started out with no resources whatsoever. And I’ve just basically achieved what I’ve achieved just by applying these concepts.


And, you know, I’m not saying to, it’s going to be easy. I’m saying to it’s going to be worth it. And every journey begins with the first step. So you don’t have to see the rest of the staircase, just take the first step and get on with it. And there’s no reason whatsoever why you can’t achieve everything that I’ve achieved and continue to achieve. So thank you for your attention. I think we understand how valuable it is and how grateful I’m grateful that I am for you having given it to me this evening.

Next time up in about a month or so, I’m going to talk about permission, do you have permission to do the things in your business that actually drives your business? may give me something to think about. So with that, I’m done. Thank you very much, and I’ll have any questions.