POWER OF FREE! #10: Do You Have Permission in Intelligent Content Marketing: Shoulders of Giants

Do you have permission to do business with the people that you’re doing business with? You do have permission to listen to the people that you want to do business with.


All throughout the last five years really what I’ve been doing is building a business model on the front profound education that I received from essentially my four intellectual heroes. And these are Don Tapscott, who is a Canadian futurist, he wrote a book called the digital economy heard that. Also with genomics, he told me that, essentially the the connection economy, services and products and everything are basically going to be disaggregated, and re aggregated as a result of the fact that you can produce a product or service and promulgate that product or service in the digital realm. And it essentially costs you nothing to digital product.

So Don Tapscott really alludes to the fact that if you are running a business in the future, you will understand that, you know, you’re going to do things differently, because the way the industrial economy has historically been orchestrated, doesn’t really listen to what’s going on in the connection. And then, Seth Godin, who is arguably the world’s greatest marketeer, he taught me a hell of a lot. And I’m going to be spending the vast majority of the talk tonight on the kinds of things that I learned from Seth and also specifically what he had to say about having permission. Kevin Kelley wrote the book, what technology wants, and also the real Australian economy, he told me that in reality in the connection economy now, because of the increasing interconnectivity of the world, the internet is really this huge machine.

That is the summation of all human knowledge and better and you should seek to plug into that machine, plug into that machine in a way that allows you to help people answer questions and solve problems that they’ve got in a particular niche. Then essentially, you can inculcate yourself into the fabric of the internet in profound way, and forge yourself and your proposition as part of that huge thing. Charlie Munger is Warren Buffett’s business partner. He’s in his early 90s. Now, when he speaks on profound wisdom comes out of him. And therefore, when I’m looking to understand if I’m making the right decision, in what sometimes can be a bit of a confusing landscape as to whether you’re doing something right or doing something wrong, particularly when you’re making stuff up as we went along and trying and testing as we as we progressed. Further, Charlie Munger essentially told me, really the the essence of what it takes to be successful in business but ultimately, be successful as a person. But essentially, tonight’s presentation is really just a love letter to Seth Godin.