POWER OF FREE! #10: Do You Have Permission in Intelligent Content Marketing: Earning Permission

This is what Seth Godin yells, permission licensing, permission maxing is the privilege, the privilege of delivering anticipated personal and relevant messages to people actually want to get them.


And it recognizes the power of the new power of the best consumers to ignore your marketing. And permission marketing is really all about gaining the respect of the people that you want to have relationships with. That’s the challenge. And that’s what permission marketing is all about. So one of the consequences of interruption marketing, we ignore it, completely ignore it. And these are the kinds of techniques that represent modern interruption marketing, cold, cold print, TV, what you hear on the radio, social media, all channels, personal spam, a personal Spam is that is that idea where I give you my man card, because I’ve met you at a networking event.

And then the next day, I start receiving emails from your campaign about stuff have absolutely no interest in whatsoever. As personal spam. I don’t pay attention to it. You don’t pay attention to it. Nobody pays attention to it. So why did it? In fact, if you do it, what you’re doing is you’re devaluing the prospects of a relationship, because you’re showing to that other party that fundamentally, you don’t respect that relationship. And that’s why it’s a complete waste of time. Now, the modern phenomenon of personal Spam is outright begging. How many times have you received something by social media from somebody you barely know asking you to like their page that is begging you. What kind of business model involves personal banking. So this is really how people are trying to gain attention today. So the question is, why do you do it? It doesn’t work.