POWER OF FREE! #10: Do You Have Permission in Intelligent Content Marketing: Time for Joined Up Thinking

This was all joined up thinking now, I’m privileged because I can look back after the fact. And I can share with you everything that we’ve experienced. And when I started out, I didn’t have the benefits of that experience, I had to make it up as I went along testing and perfecting.


And as I said, at law school, the teacher to things to teach you how to find stuff, and then teach you how to think. So if you’ve got a will, and everybody has got to go and find stuff on the internet, and then once you find it, think about how you can apply it to your business. And hopefully, I’ve been able to contribute to your product, then you can achieve remarkable outcomes without really needing to think about traditional marketing. So you know, here we have all our constituent pieces, which I’ve previously explained. Because I said, this is a love letter to Seth Godin, this presentation, all the things with the tick by Seth Golden’s concepts, the purple cow that we built, the idea of Iris, the fact that we have tried this presentation, permission.

Now, that may sound like it’s really bad news, all things considered, because a bit of a stretch here those concepts into incorporate into your thinking and trying to get your business model, what have you. But I was able to do all of that with no money whatsoever.

And was almost bankrupt when I started this business. Because of all the mistakes I’ve made previously. You don’t need much money to start down this journey at all. Certainly any startup that is thinking about borrowing money from family and friends, and certainly go out, discover the things that we’ve discovered, be successful with, with very little offense. So you don’t need much money don’t have to put up with resources. So Eric Schmidt said, all you need is insight that your industry is transforming at a rapid pace. And then you have to have the guts to take a risk and participate in that transformation. So as I get to the end of this presentation, I want to share with you one of the things that has transpired in the last seven days. And that is, well over the last few months, I’ve been having a dialogue with a gentleman by the name of Sean, shift.

Now, he was the LSAT as a mature student, 10 years before me, he’s an economic historian. He got his first two years and I go to one in three years. And then he went on to Oxford. And he went on to be involved in dunk tank, Scott’s think tank in Boston. And he’s written another book called the elastic enterprise. And whilst the development of my business model has been built on the shoulders of four giants, Scott Kelly and Charlie Munger, when I read shift, I realized that actually what hadn’t shown us he was doing is he was kind of reading me my horoscope, he was telling me what I was going to experience as a result of having experienced the results that we’re now getting, because of the developments of the business model. We’ve got some very privileged to tell you that on Thursday, October they will be in Hong Kong, and then coming here, and they’ll be talking to an our urge you to attend that presentation on board.

But But yeah, so the great news about shift for me is that this future that the anticipates I’m experiencing it now my other intellectual heroes have naturally articulated that that’s when I would be able to experience and the reason why I think this is important is because if somebody can tell you what your future looks like, surely you should act on that and grab it with two hands. Because that’s what I discovered when I was doing my research and I discovered my four intellectual heroes, and and there’s a lot to share with you on that. So the last word given that this is set Golden’s talk all things to consider is how can you squander even one more day by not taking advantage of the greatest shifts that our generation How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable.