POWER OF FREE! #11: What’s Your Platform in Intelligent Content Marketing: The Evolutionary Imperative

I’m going to talk to you about platform and the platform for a business that we’ve developed for ourselves. And as you’ll see, when we started out, we knew that we would end up owning a piece of the internet in a particular way.


But we didn’t understand at that time, how the quest to own that piece of the internet and particularly would represent our platform, if you will. So I’m going to take you back in time now, I’m going to take you back all the way back to the Big Bang. Because clearly, the Big Bang is the reason for everything. And we are at a stage in our development in humankind today, where the internet is what it is to us, and digital life is what it is to us. It’s kind of if you understand the evolutionary imperative, it was all kind of inevitable. And this concept came to light to me when I read this book, by Kevin Kelly called what technology wants.

And Kevin Kelly, so puts forward this proposition which makes perfect sense to me. He says that, it all began with a big bang. And immediately after the Big Bang, we had all the various elements that came together that ultimately went on to the creation of the universe as we know it, and galaxy in our solar system, and our planet, and the essential evolution of life onto the planet and how one’s life evolved, it was inevitable that there will be the rise of a dominant species and that dominant species was going to command control of its environment in such a way that essentially could then forge its own future. And size, humankind came out of the, came off the savanna, and then developed the first real technology, which was language, all of a sudden, humans that were prior to that time who human intellect have been principally a collection of silos.

But with the ability to speak in language came this opportunity to share ideas. And from this opportunity to share ideas came growth, and came this idea that we could write things down. And after we could write things down, we could replicate them through the printing press. And then we eventually got to the point where we have the word processor, and from the word processor and networked computers, and then the internet. And while all this was going on the biology, the biologists we’re breaking down the biology into digital information with the understanding of DNA. So at this point, we’ve got this future where humankind is essentially beginning to fuse into the digital realm.

And if you think over the horizon, goodness gracious me, where is that going to take us but our Kevin Kelly did was he set this out for me. And it made me realize that while all this is going on with the advent of the Internet, which is essentially just the connections of all those computing nodes, essentially what we have is the world’s biggest machine is the biggest machine that we’re all plugging into. And this machine is the summation of all human knowledge in endeavor. And so if you understand that the future lies entirely in the digital realm, you can start making decisions about your commercial futures. Understanding the inevitability of all of this.