POWER OF FREE! #11: What’s Your Platform in Intelligent Content Marketing: Our Mission Platform & Content

So now I’m going to show you how it all came about. Now, right from the very get go our intention, whatever our platform ultimately ended up looking like, was designed to get people’s attention.


layer was going to always sit essentially a purple cow type business, which I learned from Seth Godin that we were going to rely on the notion of generosity to allow people to have access to all the things that they need to help them solve an important problem or to help them answer a question. And that by being generous in this fashion, the natural law of reciprocity would work in our favor. And that meant that the proposition would then get parlayed further and wider afield and we’d have increasing opportunities catch more and more people who eventually would have an interest in this material. And once we knew that was a real sort of, you know, dynamic of how things were going to unfold for us, we inculcated an idea of Iris, which is another Seth Godin concept.

And the Hong Kong visa giza.com website is the manifestation of our idea virus. We broke down in very discreet terms, the understanding of when people are looking for an immigration solution, what their real problems are, and what are the jobs they do, they need to get done in order to solve the problem and move past where they are with their difficulties. This is a concept we’ve picked up from Clay Christensen. And then about about 12 months into the business at a eureka moment, when I was wandering down the shelves of the business section of a bookshop in Western Australia. And I saw this thing, this book on the side, it says irresistible offer. And the moment I saw those words, I know, that’s what’s missing. And so I read this book, and this is where I double your money back guarantee came from which I was always determined to kind of give in any event because I’ve always maintained that if I’m being sort of held out or hired to be the expert in this particular needs to solve a particular problem, and I don’t deliver for them, then I kind of let them down in some way.

So I can’t guarantee anybody an immigration label and a passport, I’m not the government. But if we take somebody on and they don’t get approved, and we give them double their money back, in a sense to say sorry for that. But it is in fact part of our business model, and trenched in this idea of being a having a an irresistible offer. And so this is kind of what the the platform looks like, embedded in our proposition. Essentially, the platform is an understanding of all the kinds of problems that people have that they can reasonably solve themselves if they just have access to the know how and the tools to be able to do that. Similarly, the ability for people to reach out to us with their particular problems, gave us an opportunity to leverage the both the Law of Reciprocity through generosity, but also this idea that we would be getting opportunities to further the Knowledge Graph.

Because whilst we can conjure up any kind of imagine scenarios for circumstances, there’s a finite number to those in my imagination. And by allowing people to ask me questions, I’m able to get questions that are real life and are based on circumstances and facts that I couldn’t even begin to dream of. And then This, in turn begins to widen the Knowledge Graph as you answer that question. And because when that question is asked in a natural language way, you answer it in a natural language way, the search engines will pick that up and make it very make your content very easily discoverable. And similarly, going into all of our content on our platform, taking you based on scenarios that you find yourself in. So essentially, what you’ve got here is all the the maelstrom of our proposition, including disruptive pricing, which having the content layer enabled us, which again, gave us another point of differentiation from our competitors, but altogether, this is the front side of our platform.