POWER OF FREE! #11: What’s Your Platform in Intelligent Content Marketing: Platform Front & Back

The front side of our platform is actually designed in the final analysis to deliver customer experience. And I understood the importance of customer experiences from this book that I read, actually about year 2000.


And that turned my head on, I thought, hmm, that kind of resonates with me, there’s something about wanting to deliver an experience that would make it a very, very compelling proposition. But I back then never even had the idea, I didn’t have access to the resources to be able to even think of anything like this, to be honest. And then, in 2006, I went off on a Disney Cruise with my young family. And I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a Disney Cruise, but it’s absolutely fantastic. You go away for four or five, six days, two weeks, whatever, and your feet don’t touch the ground, and Disney have mastered the art of delivering an experience.

And what I understood in 2006, was that Disney had anticipated every single potential potential point of conflict, and ever in all of their range of operations. And they developed a script for every single scenario about how to solve it. And I tell you, you know, I spent four or four days I think with them on that trip. And that was like walking on air, when I got off, it was brilliant, incredibly well executed, you know, they get you locked up on that boat for all those days, you can get anywhere to go. So they can manage every single scenario that you can anticipate. Brilliant. So I had that experience, I thought, Hmm, I wonder if I would be in a position to do something like that. And then, just last, earlier this year, Carl Johnson, Robert rose, wrote this book called The seventh year of marketing, which I’ve talked about in another talk. But essentially, that what they’re saying is that we’ve now moved on from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when marketing was sort of understood to be this. But today, now in the connection economy, you can’t mark it the old way.

Now, the way the market is through delivering of experiences, and absolutely on the money. And then, of course, Mr. Jobs has already confirmed all of this. So we shouldn’t really be too surprised or understand that this is anything you haven’t heard before. So while this is going on, and we’re creating these relationships, it’s vitally important to take advantage of the law of social proof. And the law of social proof basically represents a shortcut for people in their thinking when they need to make decisions, because life is way too complicated. So we’re always looking for shortcuts. And one of the ways to procure a shortcut to decision is what are other people doing what do other people think of it? And so embedded in our proposition was this idea that we were going to go in a social proof and feed that back into our loop system, so that we share it with our audience.

So that’s what the clients experience is, that’s the front end of the platform. So that the back end? Well, it’s all WordPress. And it’s so simple. Actually, it’s mind boggling. But then again, you know, all the best things are simple. And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned, that’s really true. So what are we doing the back end? Well, essentially, what we do is we have a very, very simple SEO routine. And it’s just called WordPress, SEO. by Yoast. That’s it very simple. When we lay down the tacks, when we lay down the platform, the content layer, we, having had having written the Hong Kong visa Handbook, we had essentially defined the parameters of our niche. And then once we kind of got the operating sort of boundaries in play, we’re able to then break down each component of our niche into a fixed taxonomy.

And once we have that fixed taxonomy, we knew all the kind of language that was going to emerge in English that represents our niche. And so the way that WordPress works, allows you to essentially describe the various Tags and Categories that you’re using to lay down your taxonomy. And by doing that, you essentially create this encyclopedic knowledge down to the very sort of grass roots of where the niche comes from. Having it all defined, so that, if not today, in future iterations of the various algorithms, there’ll be a sweeping, pick all that up and understand exactly what this content is. And that means that essentially will be the author of the content that ultimately gets forged into the mesh of the of the of the internet and asking, allowing or encouraging our visitors to our websites ask these questions in the way that I’ve described before.

We not only generate continuing content, that’s that’s live and have the age but we’re also able to go into certain you know, scenarios and I say they’ve never really be able to, to imagine so that that further and meshes down into the into the Knowledge Graph. And, and this is the platform that sits underneath what goes on on the top end.