POWER OF FREE! #11: What’s Your Platform in Intelligent Content Marketing: Publishing To Our Platform

Once we have produced a piece of content, we syndicated out to the platform. And we do this very simply by publishing in Hong Kong visa visa, copy then gets syndicated to center which is the website where we sell our stuff. And then Handbook, which is the Do It Yourself guide to the Hong Kong visa process.


So there’s a copy principal copies are here, a copy goes in here, a copy goes in here, a copy goes out to all of the rest of the social media sites that we operate. Understanding that our audience will can be found anywhere, not only on the search on the search engine result pages of Google. But if you’re hanging out on Facebook, there’s a pretty decent chance you’ll be able to find if you want to learn anything about Hong Kong, immigration, similarly, Twitter, Google Plus LinkedIn, of course, YouTube and Pinterest whenever we have any graphics infographics to share, so that goes out there. And it also a copy of this also goes out to another 50 websites or so that are kind of a legacy that we’ve got from earlier, abandoned stupid SEO efforts on exact match domains.

But they’ve proven to be a boon in actual fact, because as all the content just keeps on building, we can use these exact match domains to send out content to them that’s just specific to that particular exact match domain. So at the end of the day, it’s all traffic that comes to us as a result of this platform.