POWER OF FREE! #11: What’s Your Platform in Intelligent Content Marketing: Platform Yield 2012-2015

I’m a little bit earlier on this year, I lifted up my skirt and I showed everything. But we’ve moved on a little bit then. So I thought, what I’m going to do is share with you the performance of our platform. I’ve got nothing to hide.


So this is what we’ve done. This is for the Hong Kong visa visa.com website. This is, this is not the only this is not all of our traffic, this is just for the biggest the biggest yield there. Okay. But from May 2012, when the site went into yesterday, when I pulled the graphic down, this is what I start, say. We’ve had 70 73,000 discrete users on this website, in that timeframe that have been there are 106,000 times in that time, 313,000 314,000 pageviews. And then when people come onto our site, they’re there for just three, three minutes and 40 seconds, almost four minutes, and they’re on less than three pages each visit. Now what does that tell you? It tells you that they can find the answer to the question by in less than three clicks.

So this is our source of traffic 50 52% comes from Google organic, we don’t pay for any traffic. So high for the half of our traffic comes from Google. Another 18% comes from either people bookmarking the site or know how to get to us or it might very well be organic traffic just depends on how you count it. But essentially, that’s where this comes from 5% of our traffic comes from the Hong Kong visa handbook. LinkedIn is another four and a bit percent. Hong Kong visa centers and other are three and a half percent. The direct team mailings that we do through our subscriptions are 337, which is what 3.2%, Facebook, that much Forbes, an interesting article, though, that a client wrote and all that drives traffic towards the turn of the Thing number eight, number eight source of traffic.

And given that that was only that was written about two years ago. It’s only the last two years that it’s gone on to represent that. So it’s a great, great piece of business for us that and then Yahoo and Facebook. So this is basically the top 10 sources of our traffic, you can see that Google delivers everything for all practical purposes. So you know, we’ve essentially generated 2 million US dollars in revenues in this time, and the last 12 months yielded a million US. And our YouTube views are at about 70,000 which tallies with the users that we’ve got given the majority of our content is video. So we’ve got about 70,000. So we would say that our tribe is about 70,000 strong.