POWER OF FREE! #12: Reinventing Value & Price in Intelligent Content Marketing: Free In The Connection Economy

All changed, because we moved out of the industrial economy moves into the connection economy. And then the connection economy. When we make stuff, we’re basically making copies of it over and over and over and over and over and over again.


And so when you understand now how we consume things today, the vast majority of the manifest stated, so the manifestations of the things that we consume, the vast majority of them are in some sort of digital format. And in the book, free by Chris Anderson, who was a managing editor of Wired Magazine, at one point in time, he said, the price of digital products will inevitably dropped to zero because they can be produced and distributed at no additional cost. So if we’ve moved from valuable thing, value represented in things in the physical world to value represented in things in the digital world, what does that really mean for us? Well, because we have this ability to give everything away for free.

Essentially, what happens is that the whole world entered into unwittingly a gift economy where the 1000s or millions or whatever the number is of bloggers, who every day are pumping content out into the blogosphere. They’re doing all that for free, no expectation of return. And every every facet of sort of publishing, there are people out there essentially pumping out content in order to get your attention. Because essentially, the only thing that is scarce in a digital economy in a connection economy is people’s attention. And obtaining attention is obtaining a kind of engineering wealth, a form of wealth that puts you in a preferred position to get anything that this new economy offers. And because essentially on the internet, everything is free. Its value is measured by the attention that it commands.