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A New Proposition

Generating rainfall revenues in the connection economy requires a new way of thinking about how a modern immigration practice can be configured


This session involves a direct comparison of your current immigration practice to that of the Hong Kong Visa Centre such that you can understand how to align the future version of your business to that of ours presently



The idea framework for a connection economy professional immigration services business is enunciated in The Secret Sauce

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Unknown Speaker 0:03 Elsa, hi, how you doing? Yeah, good. Thanks, morning, great stuff. Last time we spoke, he was just finishing off the akimbo program, just give us a sort of an update on how that’s panned out for you. Oh, Unknown Speaker 0:19 it’s been growing a funnel, enjoyed it. And I’m actually I’m continuing so the I finished the creators workshop. And that’s where I really had the breakthrough of my vision, where I want to get me working on the business rather than in the business. And I’ve got a five year kind of goal to work towards that. But I’m actually staying in the community because they’ve got an alumni. So I’m still connected with others and getting you know, it’s, it’s really, it’s a positive creative space. Unknown Speaker 0:53 So they’re all they’re all basically connection economy entrepreneurs, right? It comes from Seth Godin land, Unknown Speaker 1:00 oh, big time, big time. And it’s, it’s something that if everybody’s like minded that and, and then you’ve got the you it’s, it’s a very safe space, in that you’re not. There’s no fear to putting your workout to as safe and safe to shipping Do you know, it might not be perfect, but let’s put it out there. And then you get the feedback and try again, and, and that’s what you need in your connection. Economy is to put your content out, which is what I learned from you from the very beginning. And now I need to work on my content. And that is part of my Wait, I’m going to be working on the business. So that is just, this has helped me realize that that’s what I know want to build on is the content. And and I need to free up my time to be able to to produce more content. Unknown Speaker 2:07 Okay, great stuff. So just a very quick recap, you know, the intelligent content marketing platform is comprised of three components. There’s the Encyclopedia of intelligent content marketing, which is the, as you’d imagine being an encyclopedia, it’s the repository of all the knowledge and know how that I was able to accumulate specifically in video format. For the most part over the course of the last 11 years, as I went through the journey of switching from an industrial economy, professional service provider to a connection economy, professional service provider, and kind of learning all the constituent parts that go to make up you know, that journey. And that’s all detailed encyclopedia style in the Encyclopedia of intelligent content marketing. On the other hand, that recognize that you know, those gray hair connections, well, those gray hair expert know how service professionals as I generally like to refer to them as my cohort, your call our generation, the seeking, you know, to get on with monetizing our expertise in the connection economy. There’s a place where there those good people kind of need to hang out and share experiences and encompassing a kind of a alive social proof dimension to the whole intelligent content marketing experience. we’ve, we’ve developed the monopoly tribe proposition, which is our monetized proposition. And then bridging the two, as you’ve said previously, as a result of your Seth golden akimbo experiences, is that you have to work the process if you’re going to, you know, bring a tangible outcome about. And so in order to work the pro process, we developed this part of our platform, the third part of the platform, which bridges the encyclopedia on the tribe, and it’s called the 100 day lift off. And that’s what we’re going to look at today. So I want to talk you through, you know, how this was, sort of evolved, and the constituent parts to it and what I’ve tried to accomplish in the design of this, for better, or for worse, you know, you’ll be the first sort of Maven of our tribe that will be trying this for us and we’ll be following you and getting your feedback as you go and then counter it but it’s, it was our first best iteration predicated on the experience that I’ve had and trying to put myself in your shoes, anticipating the kind of things that you’d want to encounter as you work the process as it works. So, so I’ll just dive straight in and take you through the pitcher part. Okay. Alright, so the 100 day lift off is found here as part The monopoly jumpstart. And what we’ve done is we’ve broken the transition from connection from industrial economy to connection, economy, entrepreneurship into a series of 15 weeks worth of activities. And as you can see on the screen here, we one is about joining the connection economy. And week two is about getting started on content. Week Three is about getting comfortable with content. And as, as I’ve said, you know, it’s all about WordPress. So week four is about getting started with WordPress, we five builds on, excuse me, the, the early WordPress sort of exposure that you’re having, and then kind of getting to grips with it technically, tangibly. And then week six is about actually the process of creating content. And as Seth Godin says, you know, creating creativity is a skill, it’s not a talent. And so we’ve anticipated it, right, exactly, yeah. And then and then pretty much after the first six weeks, it’s really all about roll your sleeves up and getting on with building your platform. So as you can see, we’ve got the following 678 weeks, seven, eight weeks on platform building. And then the final model, the penultimate week, is then preparing the platform that you built in this time, and then making it ready for some initial pay to play activity to be able to generate some revenues out of your platform, whilst the mechanism of dominating Google organic search by using natural language, answers to questions that are asked in natural language that you have developed whilst you’ve been building your platform and creating your content and putting your story out there on the web in that process. And then, and then week, 15 is really all about Seth’s notion of the practice, you know, getting on with it applying. The results eventually. Make sense? Unknown Speaker 7:11 Total? Um, I’m excited. Yeah, this makes I think, having done the Kimball journey, my brain is very much in tune with this. And so it completely makes total sense to me. Now, if other people might not. So that’s going to be where I’ll really be able to test the system. And because I think I would do right, I understand this, but I knew before I got to this level, would I have understood all this as much like the practice and the creativity is a skill that can be learned. Whereas before I did the Kimball, I probably wouldn’t have thought I could have learned skills, because that was my negative belief. In sorry. Unknown Speaker 8:03 Yeah. And, you know, the reality is, you know, our generation of venture partners that have been successful doing it the old way, we know that there is a way to do it the new asset way. How do you make sense of all the noise that’s out there with all those agendas? And how do you tie it together? And, you know, how can you actually commit to a particular process in the absence of any properly documented proof that’s tried and tested to show that it’s, it actually works, and that this is something that you can properly adopt, and if you do apply the practice, you will get the outcomes? It’s inevitable, right? That’s what I’ve encountered. And in the design of the jumpstart the 100 day liftoff, I’ve kind of anticipated that these are the kind of this is the psychological makeup of, of people that are coming to it and want to be transparent, and we don’t want to sell it. Anybody a snow job is, you know, Unknown Speaker 9:05 this is what we’ve done. Yeah. And it’s, it’s, it’s the, it’s the bit that people, people like us, and you’re, you’re very far during the journey compared to me, but and is the bit where we have really got to embrace the knowledge we have within us, and to then convert that into the connection industry economy, and to convert that and it’s to encourage others, like the gray area thinkers that this is a tried and tested because we’ve not got time for Mickey Mouse. We’ve not got time for hacks. General people that are just out to get a book and not give a professional service. Yeah, yeah. So get back to that. This for Unknown Speaker 10:02 what what I did then in the design of this 100 days, 15 weeks to revenue sort of process is that I thought back to the time when I went to law school as a mere high school graduate, I got into law school on the strength of the special entrance examination for the London School of Economics. And long behold, much to my surprise, you know, I came good. And I went into that very daunting education ahead thinking, How the hell am I going to processes? What am I supposed to do, I’ve never studied at this level before, I don’t know what it’s about. So I thought, I’ll just treat it like a full time job. So I went into the library at nine o’clock on a Monday morning, and I stayed there until six o’clock in the evening. And I went out to the library, you know, a few times in states with 10 lectures and classes, and they came back and, and works, I just work the process Monday to Friday. And knowing that that works for me, I thought, well, I’ll inject that approach to what I’m trying to achieve here. And then secondly, I, I thought, Okay, well, with particular, because COVID came along and, you know, jobs for expert. Now, our service professionals might not be you know, what they were previously, if you were in a situation where you’ve been laid off, or you have previously had the ability to monetize your expertise, offline, but that’s been, you know, taken away from you. And you really need to get on with monetizing your expertise online, what kind of initiative what kind of endeavor would you have to pursue to bring that about in the fastest possible time. And that was predicated on my own almost bankruptcy experience, in back in 2010 2011, where I just put my head down and got on with platform building, and sort of relying on the power of free, which I’ve learned was be successful for me because of my early experience between 1996 and 2000. So so there’s those two sorts of phenomenon that are in play when we designed this 100 day, lift off, so. So what I’ll do is just go through a couple of the first three or four weeks and show you how it works out and what the constituent parts are. And so if we go to week one, what you’ll see is that each week is kind of broken down into seven days, essentially. Okay. And each week has got a short video that sets out what this section is about, it’s a minute or 45 seconds. One thing to explain is that I’ve tried all throughout the design of this to minimize the amount of time that one isn’t, but one needs to be exposed to the kind of the operating education working on the 8020 principle, right. But the reality is, you can get the overwhelming majority of what you need from a shoretex to me from a short content exposure. So the 100 day, jumpstart anticipates this, can you hear that badly? I’m okay. It can still badly. Okay. All right. So the week is covered by this particular video. And then you have here an infographic, which basically sets out what this week is all about. Great. So the learning outcome is detailed here. And then the phenomenon of business and personal storytelling, and then the various tools that you will need to bring about the first week’s activity. And then the ability to reach out and ask us a question, which we will answer within 48 hours. And then a good book and the new skill that this week you can be exposed to and get value out of. So there’s a series of tabs here. And this week, the Good Book is mastery by Robert Greene. Now, I don’t expect anybody to go off and read the book by Robert Greene because it takes you a week. So this is philosophers notes, TV channel on YouTube, that summarizes the top five points of these books. And so for each week, I’ve nominated a particular book that I’ve either read or I’ve watched videos on previously that essentially They tell you what you need to glean from each of these books. And in seven or eight minutes or so Unknown Speaker 15:07 that’s included there. And then this section is a section called perfect 100 day project, this is a link to Skillshare. Now at Skillshare, you can buy a video or a course for less than 10 US dollars, or you can actually pay for a year subscription for about 90 US dollars, I paid for a full year’s subscription, and all the useful skills that you can anticipate will add value on your journey can be acquired there. And I’ve chosen the particular education programs inside both Well, well inside Skillshare that are inevitably about 14 minutes or less. So there’s not a lot of time that you need to put in recognizing the 8020 principle, as I said, and then this is the next week’s activity, where it shows you at a glance, once you’ve finished the first week stuff, what’s coming next week. And so for example, in week two, the book is grit, we’re dealing with getting started on content, the useful skill is no fail business model. And then basically, we’re going to be talking about storytelling and how to go about producing. You’re telling your story as you go, knowing that the best way to market a business is to tell the story of the business. And as a gray hair connection, economy intrapreneur that’s going to use the power of free. One of the most compelling anchors to a story is actually sharing your journey with people as you go as you move from industrial economy, entrepreneurship to connection economy, entrepreneurship. And you can do this just using your smartphone, and a quick upload to YouTube. And then plugging the YouTube video into your WordPress platform. Do that once a day, as I’m suggesting once a week, whatever makes sense for you. But basically, that’s how the weekly content array is set out. Does that make sense? total sense? So okay. All right. So every every week has got four tabs like this with similar activity and at a glance understanding of what what lies ahead. So now we’ll go into day one, so you click day one. And so here you’ve got a very similar sort of layout, in terms of different tamps that represent your activity each day. So each day you’ve got a skills and know how component, then you’ve also got a what I’ve called the daily dose component. Now, the daily dose is me having read and understood and watched a lot of stuff on YouTube from various smart thinkers, what I’ve called my intellectual heroes. And because I’ve consumed literally hundreds of hours of content from these good people, I’ve consolidated them down into I’ve consolidated them down into bite sized chunks. And I’ve shared my experience of those bite sized chunks with them. with with with people here on, on the lift off, and so that’s there’s one for each particular day, and it’s called the daily dose. Excellent. Then there’s a storytelling component. And this is where I’m encouraging people to share their personal and business story, using the smartphone video, speak to camera. And I’ve set out the kinds of things that you might want to include, as you do your talk to camera piece, or if you’re not comfortable doing towards the camera, you can just do talk to audio and just do a short narration of the journey that you’re in, you’re encountering. So that’s dealt with the storytelling component. And it tells me what to how to do it. Correct. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, and then the revenue and platform component is basically taking you off to either Danny or Skillshare. And you can learn different skills there again, for 3040 minutes or less. Unknown Speaker 19:50 These are suggested learnings only we don’t expect you to go off and consume this content, but it’s stuff that will definitely add value at this stage in your journey. As you begin to sort of pull together the various streams that go to make up, you know, the transition of your learning from industrial to connection economy way of operating. And then the at a glance section basically gives you the opportunity to download all in one place, or 14 weeks in case you want other helicopter overview of what lies ahead, in case you want to hunt and peck stuff in a particular order rather than following the sequence that I’ve laid it out. Okay, make sense? total sense. Great stuff. So here, you see you’ve got the skills and know how, and if you click this, it takes you to that part of Monopoly tribe, which sets out the walkthrough of the intelligent content marketing journey. This is stuff that, as you’ll see with Dave, that I did with David, and it’s, in this particular instance, it’s a 22 minute overview of the entire arc of intelligent content marketing. So we’ve expose that to you there. And then here’s a short summary of what this is all about, and who the constituent players are. And then if you want to ask us a question, you ask us a question here by using this particular feature. Okay. Okay. And then this is the breakdown of this particular video, if you just want to helicopter overview and scout through what it’s all about, instead of watching the video, again, the idea being that we want you to have the fastest exposure to them, and to know how that we can deliver so that you can have some pack if you prefer to actually watching the video. And then this is David’s story here, because David, your brother figures large as you do in this particular initiative, so that you can know what David is all about. And then obviously come and get your questions answered here as well. Brilliant. So that’s the first pie chunk, as we’ve called it, and then chunk B will take you to the next part, which is about demystifying the internet. Didn’t know that we’re drilling today, I could have known I would have gone somewhere else. Anyway, this is what it’s all about. Right? Okay. So and there is the monopoly bite sized chunk, the walkthrough. So once again, you’ve got the overview. Right down. Yeah, baby story, your questions answered. Okay. So that’s day one. So day two, you get to see the third part of the walkthrough, becoming a publisher. And then the fourth part, which is David’s experience, after 18 weeks of adopting this, so you’re getting the opportunity to see kind of like how it’s being applied and what the learnings are unruhe, and you’re getting a sense of kind of what it’s all about. And then again, day two, the daily dose, this is about Charlie Munger and his thing about lifelong learning, again, the storytelling component directing you have about it, the stuff that you might want to consume, that’s helpful to you. And then obviously, at any time, you can just download all of this. Fantastic. So so fundamentally, that’s how it all works. It just unfolds like that, all the all the way across a total of 15 weeks. And, Unknown Speaker 24:38 as I say, the materials laid out in such a way as to give you what I think or what I thought would be the relevant stuff at the relevant time. Designed to give it to you in a in a in a fast and easy bite sized sort of chunk way and allow you to get on with it, recognizing that actually, this stuff is not that hard, you just need to have a process and you need to have confidence that it’s going to work and that it’s all in one place. Absolutely, you need to trust the process. Right? Okay, good. So any question Unknown Speaker 25:16 no I’m I’m I’m really keen to get going because it’s I like the I like I just like what I’ve seen, especially the giving the bit of, you know, stuff to read, to look out for more tools for skills and then to upload to do a video diary that I am that I’m so ready for. It’s always a bit scary people are scared about doing video diaries, I think I’ve been using video for the purposes of work over being able to show a client owned a property and talk to them about issues so the feet of doing it has kind of gone from me but the actual presenting and what I’m seeing and flowing and I’m not got a skill so I’m excited just about that about I can see what I can start to build a skill level and it’s all about the practice right. Unknown Speaker 26:24 Great stuff well, on that note then let’s good farewell you’re always sleeves up and get on with it. Absolutely killed Thank you. touch base with you soon once the drought next time the drilling it’ll be gone. Bob thanks, Steven. Take care show must go on. See ya. Bye.

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