Hi Jilson,

Please find your personal invitation to test-drive Intelligent Content Marketing.

You might be wondering why we’re doing this free of charge?

We're offering the opportunity for a few pre-selected entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches to join us in our complimentary Beta-Group to Test Drive our program where we're sharing what we've discovered after running a series of scientific experiments and hypotheses over the past 10 years that have allowed our business (Hong Kong Visa Centre) to generate large amounts of cash for our business by using organic free marketing only without paying for any ads whatsoever.

Not only that, we were able to create the conditions for a MONOPOLY in the niche we are serving through the use of organic search only – with no SEO as such required.

This all set out in the Encyclopedia of Intelligent Content Marketing & THE MONOPOLY TRIBE.

The Encyclopedia of Intelligent Content Marketing is FREE for all users and always will be, as it is a way for us to show the BIG PICTURE overview of what we do and allow guests to experience what is possible when you apply smart, modern marketing is an intelligent way to your business in the ever-changing landscape of the internet where tactics come and go.

We know that there will always be two types of people - ones that are seeking knowledge and are not ready to pay and then the ones who are at a level where they have a need, a pressing problem, and are actively looking for a solution and are ready to pay a premium for solving it.

The Encyclopedia is for type #1.

Now type #2 is a different breed! You fall in this category. Someone who’s an expert in their field, already in business who is serving their marketplace to the best of their ability, solving BIG problems that matter!

That’s where the MONOPOLY Tribe comes in. It’s a detailed walk-through, a business model in a box. An evergreen content marketing strategy for your business that will allow you to craft a corner in your marketplace and strategically take a big piece of it, without paying for ads.

The real breakthrough has been creating an automated organic, client-generating machine.

This is our paid proposition. It’s a $2599 100 Day Program that you’ve been granted access to free of charge. You are a valued guest and we want to treat you as one!

You now have access to a private Membership offering.

This is a highly professional private online entrepreneur program with a high vibrancy for etiquette and manners. It's for those who are respectful, open-minded and curious in some new ways of thinking, which I’m sure you are!

Most complimentary guests describe our free content, strategies and distinctions as better than most paid programs that are out there today.

It's fantastic and lovely to connect with you and we'd love to welcome you to our vibrant community!

Test-drive both propositions, your feedback will be incredibly valuable to us and we thank you for the time and dedication to go through it!

See you on the other side.

Thanks, Jlson!

P.P. After digging through the materials, all we will ask for in exchange is 30-minutes of your time to share with us your experience through a structured Zoom or Skype conversation.

That's it. No strings attached.

Get Started!