Hi Jilson,
We really enjoyed preparing your personal invitation to test-drive Intelligent Content Marketing.
We made you this personal welcome video because we believe first impressions matter.
You might be wondering why we’re doing this free of charge?

We're offering the opportunity for a few pre-selected entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches to join us in our complimentary Beta-Group to Test Drive our program where we're sharing what we've discovered after running a series of scientific experiments and hypotheses over the past 10 years that have allowed our business (Hong Kong Visa Centre) to generate large amounts in extra cash for our business by using organic free marketing only without Facebook Ads.
Not only that, we were able to create a MONOPOLY in the niche we are serving and that is through the use of organic methods only. That's what we've detailed in THE MONOPOLY PLANNER and the Encyclopedia of Intelligent Content Marketing.

The real breakthrough has been creating an automated organic, client-generating machine.

Access to the Private Membership Portal, all the coaching that comes with it and platform access via your private login will be free of charge.

This is a highly professional private online entrepreneur program with a high vibrancy for etiquette and manners. It's for those who are respectful, open-minded and curious in some new ways of thinking, which I’m sure you are?
Most complimentary guests describe our free content, strategies and distinctions as better than most paid programs that are out there today.

It's fantastic and lovely to connect with you and we'd love to welcome you to our vibrant community!
See you on the other side.
Thanks, Jilson!

P.P. After digging through the materials, all we will ask for in exchange is 30-minutes of your time to share with us your experience through Zoom/Skype conversation. That's it. No strings attached.

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