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What do your clients and prospects actually need out of your capabilities and expertise?


The Connection Economy gives us the ability to redefine entire marketplaces and brings to the fore service capabilities simply not doable in the industrial economy modes of business operation.


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Elspeth Rae is an Edinburgh-based real estate search, investment and property management expert (and also the sister and business partner of Dr. David Bruce). The two completely agree with the POWER OF FREE. Elspeth had a two-hour session with Stephen Barnes where he presented to her a helicopter overview of THE MONOPOLY PLANNER material which David had previously learned from Stephen. Immediately after the presentation, Elspeth applied the Intelligent Content Marketing strategy to her expertise and now delivers value to her business in Scotland in a way that befits the dynamics of the Connection Economy. This has led to a signifant increase in revenues and most importantly of all, her ability to win new client relationships ahead of her competitors. Follow her story!

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