100% of The 100 DAY LIFT OFF Is Now Complete

DAY 100 – Off To The Races & No Looking Back!

Now that you’ve seen all of the FROM 39,000 FEET and MONOPOLY THE PLANNER material, we recommend you follow our Live Case Studies and/or watch THE POWER OF FREE! for deep background behind the intelligent content marketing business model

Stay motivated via the learned wisdom of the philosophers of our age & hear how it impacted the development of intelligent content marketing

Telling your personal and business story is 50% of your intelligent content marketing business model – this is how you go about doing it

You’re a fully-fledged Connection Economy entrepreneur now enroute to building a monopoly. Remember, publish one piece of content each day which contributes to you mapping the knowledge graph in your niche and after another 400 days you will be 50% of the way to your monopoly. Keep on telling your story, keep on publishing, keep answering questions and helping to solve problems and pretty soon you’ll have 1000 True Fans and a decent income. After that, the sky is the limit.


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