92% of The 100 DAY LIFT OFF Is Now Complete

DAY 92 – Getting ClickFunnels

Now that you’ve seen all of the FROM 39,000 FEET and MONOPOLY THE PLANNER material, we recommend you follow our Live Case Studies and/or watch THE POWER OF FREE! for deep background behind the intelligent content marketing business model

Stay motivated via the learned wisdom of the philosophers of our age & hear how it impacted the development of intelligent content marketing

Telling your personal and business story is 50% of your intelligent content marketing business model – this is how you go about doing it

This week it’s all about preparing to fish your pond while Google begins to identify, index and eventually rank your foundation content and ongoing additions allowing you to be found against the specific questions you have anticipated in your niche. As it’s the final week prior to revenue generating activities, you’ll need to get to grips with Clickfunnels and the basics (it’s not hard) of wider digital marketing. Resources you’ll need include:


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