8% of The 100 DAY LIFT OFF Is Now Complete

DAY 8 – All About YouTube Today

The whole of week 2 of the 100 Day Lift Off is spent reviewing, consolidating and implementing all the good stuff you learned in week 1

Stay motivated via the learned wisdom of the philosophers of our age & hear how it impacted the development of intelligent content marketing

Telling your personal and business story is 50% of your intelligent content marketing business model – this is how you go about doing it

The next 7 days will be spent on the mission of content creation, figuring how YouTube works and preparing yourself to make ready for the writing of the top 100 questions anyone ever asks in your niche.

As always, check out the following Udemy and Skill Share courses:

These course suggestions are just that. Suggestions only.

Please browse through Udemy and Skill Share to see what appeals based on your current level of knowledge and preferences. Take full advantage of their free trial offers if you have no budget to pay/subscribe.


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