47% of The 100 DAY LIFT OFF Is Now Complete

DAY 47 – Creating & Uploading 10x Content

This week, you continue your intelligent content marketing skills and know how acquisition journey by watching module four of MONOPOLY THE PLANNER – Build A Platform

Stay motivated via the learned wisdom of the philosophers of our age & hear how it impacted the development of intelligent content marketing

Telling your personal and business story is 50% of your intelligent content marketing business model – this is how you go about doing it

The next 45 days are where your roll your sleeves up and produce 10x content for 2 of your top 100 questions and upload in into your WordPress websites. You can decide on any kind of content type; video, podcast audio, infographics, picture graphics, checklists, process outlines, cribsheets whatever you think will best communicate both your free and paying propositions. For examples of simple to produce content ideas check out how we approached it:

Hong Kong Visa Handbook

Hong Kong Visa Sherpa

Hong Kong Visa Centre

Hong Kong Visa Geeza


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