POWER OF FREE! #5: Natural SEO in Intelligent Content Marketing: Eating the Dog Food

Now, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, because we’re going to do a live demonstration of these questions that I prepared for this very session. And I can assure you, I didn’t have to try very hard to find examples that we’re going to deliver good results.


These are arguably some of the most popular questions that ever guests get asked in my practice. So I’m going to ask Mike to come along and operate this machine for me. So we’re going to go to YouTube, and we’re going to type in one important question that every foreign national entrepreneur would invariably seek to ask. Type in. How can I get a Hong Kong investment visa? Okay, scroll down. Michael. Is us. US, US. Us. Us. Us. Us. Us.

You get the drift? Right. Okay. All the way down. Next page, Michael. Okay. All the way down. Okay. Next page. Michael, go to page seven. Yeah. Okay. All right. I think I proved my point, right. publishing in your niche, and platform where people are not actively publishing into it gives you an opportunity to create, essentially market dominance. Okay, let’s go to Google. Okay, the first question is, my Hong Kong work visa has been denied.

This is us. This is us. This is us. This is us. This is us. This is us. This is us.

I think you get the picture. Okay, next one. minimum salary. For a Hong Kong employment visa. Okay, once again. 123.

This Is Us?

Yeah. So two or three entries on the first couple of pages. It’s easy for people to find us. Next one. How can I extend my Hong Kong employment visa? To get all the immigration department here? And then we’re here. We’re here. We’re here. So three, four on the first page again. Next one? Can I get a Hong Kong dependent visa for my elderly parents? 12345678. Next one, should I apply for accumass? visa? And then right here is this piece of content that’s designed to open a few eyebrows. And clearly, I can tell you that so our second most visited link on our websites.

And finally, let’s try and market ourself Hong Kong, immigration service providers where they’re not sure where they are as well. But when you’re in a service provider, when you’re competing against other people you’re not. Yeah, that says you’re not promoting your services as aggressively as your free content. Okay, so that, ladies and gentlemen, is natural SEO, I hope it’s given you pause for thought and gives you an opportunity to think about what you’re doing and the way that you’re doing it and how you can with very simple techniques, produce the same kind of effects that we’re producing through use of nothing more complicated than the stuff you’ve seen tonight. Next time I’m going to be talking about your story because it’s all well and good having a business and it’s all well and good having a great proposition that’s all well and good building a tribe. But what is that story?

What are you telling the world about yourself and how do you articulate your story in an ethical and open and trusting fashion.


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