POWER OF FREE! #5: Natural SEO in Intelligent Content Marketing: Loonies In

In 2011, the internet was a very, very different place from where it is today. Because in 2011, if you wanted to have an internet business, unfortunately, you’re in the hands of other people who were once again, getting in my instance my way.


Because that time in order to put your internet footprint down, you had to go through this outrageous technical process that really only a guy, you know, with a propeller in his head that thinks he really understand how the world works, can come up with, well, guess what, this was just more technical rubbish. And I think, you know, the first 12 months, I and the amounts of money I spent on these Indian engineers that went out link building for me and putting up these ridiculous articles and doing all the kind of stuff that’s mapped out in this way, watching the keywords on certain websites appear in the search engine results pages, and be good there for two or three weeks. And then we’d stop, we stopped spending this money and then it slowly sink out of view. And I said to myself, there’s something wrong here. This feels to me like it’s the Millennium bug all over again.

Does everybody remember the Melia Millennium bug? Well, for those youngsters that don’t, basically the world was going to hell in a handbasket. In 1999 airplanes were going to fall out of the skies. The bank or bank accounts are going to be answered at the stroke of midnight, it was doom. And for about a dozen years after they had realized the problem. There emerged this huge industry of these it consultants that were solving this problem. And lo and behold, the day we crossed midnight, nothing, not a single instance, that has never existed. So I thought this is going on now with this internet thing. I can’t believe some guys with propellers in my head. And once again, getting in the way of me achieving my dreams. I’ve got the best content in the world in my niche. Why do I have to rely on these guys to get it out there? Something’s wrong. So what are they doing? What are they really doing these guys apart from piling on is what I call the car mechanic syndrome, where you take your car to your car mechanic, you haven’t got a clue whether it is charging you is a good price or a bad price, you just need to get it fixed.

Well, that’s exactly what I realized these guys were doing. So I the Eureka moment. I thought Hang on a minute. This entire industry has been set up to game. Google and Google are the only players, they’ve got access to all the data and all the inputs. So if they’ve got access to all the data and the inputs, they will never be able to be gained. And if they’ve got access to all the data and all the inputs in time, their body of knowledge would become such that that algorithm would start to recognize natural language. So if you then determine that you are going to produce a content proposition that was designed to answer questions that are being asked in natural language, which is the ultimate determinant of the Google algorithm, that’s where it’s going. That’s what it’s all about.

Then if you do that, and you do that before anybody else you do anything you can think unique and interesting where you will win by default because time is on your side. And that was a eureka moment for me.


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