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In the connection economy, where everybody has ubiquitous connectivity, there are great opportunities for individuals who have leadership capabilities in one particular area or niche.


If they demonstrate that they are prepared to take on that role, to put themselves in the position of answering questions and solving problems, the people that are interested in that niche can easily become his tribe.

[0:30] On Seth Godin’s book Tribes


[4:00] How would you transition someone that is part of your visa tribe to your marketing tribe?


[5:50] On the members and organizational nature of a modern day tribe.


[7:20] Are there any dangers of a tribe falling apart?


[8:55] Would you say that it is advisable to switch off comments on social media platforms?


[9:40] How do you monetize a tribe?


[11:00] Do you think it is advisable to curate the news that you provide to your tribe?


[12:00] What other ways can you suggest for people to put themselves out there in terms of marketing?


[14:00] When starting out, should one go for the low hanging fruit?


[15:40] On bringing an old fashioned legal profession and bringing it to a connection economy model.


[18:20] How long did it take to build your tribe?


[19:55] Do you have the ability to have an understanding of where people are contacting you from and what percentage would you say are located in Hong Kong and overseas, given that visas are something that apply to expatriates?


[21:10] If you are analyzing the data, are you creating content to talk specifically about the most asked questions or are you bolstering things that are not getting as much attention that you would like?


[27:00] Do you think there is a danger in social commenting, be it political, or any other hot topic when you are running a business?

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