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The Walkthrough is a brief taster of the material contained within MONOPOLY THE PLANNER.


Stephen Barnes (Co-Founder of the Hong Kong Visa Centre) presents to Dr. David Bruce (Founder of Examinator Online & Executive Knowledge) the insights that he’s learnt by building and structuring his business models using a compelling web content proposition that is based on generosity and giving knowledge and information away for free.


This simple Connection Economy approach of creating relationships and building trust with potential clients without actively trying to sell them anything has meant that Stephen spends little-to-no money on marketing and all the business relationships come to him almost effortlessly.


Teacher and student spend time walking you through each of the 10 MONOPOLY PLANNER modules to ensure you know what to expect in each part of the learning journey ahead.

The Monopoly Planner elements from 39000 feet.


Painting your picture – the gradual change to the connection economy and the Intelligent Content Marketing constituent parts.


Do the thinking – what Stephen has learned from his intellectual heroes (Seth Godin, Kevin Kelly, Don Tapscott, Charlie Munger).


You can’t compete against FREE.


Choose to be Different – Implement the Golden Rule.


Be remarkable in your proposition.


Produce ‘last word’ content.


Build a Platform – ClickFunnels and Fishing Your Pond.


WordPress – completely free.


Strategic generosity and selling peace of mind.


Tribe originated content that also helps you to map the knowledge graph.


Build DIY kits.


Be authentic – Tell your story.


Win people over with your transparency and vulnerability.


Understand you’re a publisher.


Two types of websites for two types of customers.


Create relationships by answering questions and helping solve problems.


Know what you sell – what is the customer ultimately buying?


Disrupt by selling stuff your competitors can’t.


Harness the psychological hardwiring of your customer.


Reverse the risk with an irresistible offer.


Deliver an experience – control the experience environment and achieve market alignment by design.


Unleash Your Tridea Virus.


Go Forth and Disrupt!

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