Information Asset Elements Now In Final Website Build

FINAL STAGE OF PRODUCTION: This is a 55-minute 3-part series of videos where David Bruce and I talk over the MONOPOLY TRIBE material prior to him and I spending what went to be 11 Saturdays @ 4 hours per session imparting and discussing the MONOPOLY PLANNER content. This video series is still in final production ready for launch on October 1. This video shown here will not be the final version as edits are still ongoing.

FULLY PRODUCED: David’s sister, Elspeth Rae runs a property management company in Edinburgh, Scotland and is a frequent visitor to Hong Kong to see David. She expressed considerable interest in the Intelligent Content Marketing project and so we produced a separate 90-minute overview session of the whole Intelligent Content Marketing concept with her and we then called it FROM 39,000 FEET. We also follow her up every six months via an ongoing CASE STUDY and plan to visit her to shoot her story some more in Edinburgh later this year.

FULLY PRODUCED: This is the bulk of the Intelligent Content Marketing know-how laid out in a way to consolidate all of the actionable elements of the POWER OF FREE!. This series of video and infographics set out the framework of the idea virus in such a way as to ‘reveal’ the Connection Economy commonsense origins of the concept and how this was amalgamated into a body of material that is both persuasive and immediately actionable. David is actively applying this know-how to his business now and has recently been approached by Private Equity to potentially invest in his business next year.

FULLY PRODUCED / ONGOING: Here we report frequent video updates on the application of Intelligent Content Marketing from those who are implementing it in their businesses. The initial pool of video Case Studies takes in David Bruce, Elspeth Rae, Simeon Krastav, Zzzzip, Hong Kong Visa Centre, MONOPOLY TRIBE and others. Our intention is to encourage members of the MONOPOLY TRIBE to share their own video updates and bond with all other members of the Tribe. Our library of Case Study videos is now in excess of 100 ready for publishing and in telling the story of Zzzzip and the Hong Kong Visa Centre via ongoing diary video keeping by several team members, we are currently producing at least 7 videos a week internally to add to this ever growing resource of applied Intelligent Content Marketing know-how.

FULLY PRODUCED / ONGOING: Once weekly Stephen speaks on internet radio about Intelligent Content Marketing and this forms the basis of a podcast version of the Intelligent Content Marketing idea virus. This section of the MONOPOLY TRIBE website will be updated continually with other contributors via Podcast and we intend to have at least one session with every MONOPOLY TRIBE member as they join our Tribe.