Path 1
  • Business Model Logic - an overview of how it all works.
  • Hard Evidence – the proof that Intelligent Content Marketing truly works.
  • Power Of Free - the cornerstone to Connection Economy success.
  • Live Case Studies - Ongoing application of the Intelligent Content Marketing model.
  • The Journeyman - begin applying your skills
Start Your Journey

Seeking to grasp a complete mastery of the Connection Economy, you begin studying your art at the very beginning....

Path 2
  • You have the knowledge, but still need to walk the Journeyman’s road to mastery...
Start Your Journey

* Challenge your perceptions - Your knowledge means you’ll need less than 10 minutes to reach that moment of ‘a-ha!’.


* The Blueprint - your business map reading skills come easily to you, and you’ll soon be on the road to Intelligent Content Marketing success.


* Stress Test - you challenge the ideas and seek hard evidence it will work for you too.


* The Master - your learning, and practical experience behind you, it is time to master your art

Path 3
  • There is little left to learn when it comes to Intelligent Content Marketing. Your knowledge is sound. It is time to build your monopoly, and share your learning with others...
Start Your Journey

* The Secret Sauce - two minutes on the practical application of your new-found expertise


* Jumpstart - a quick-start guide to revenues within 100 days