THE MONOPOLY Tribe Case Study 1

Shot on August 22, 2019.

The Monopoly Tribe is a dedicated group of Connection Economy Entrepreneurs who understand the POWER OF FREE!

We are passionate about building platforms to create niche monopolies and are committed to telling their stories live on an ongoing basis.

We’re a community of marketers and entrepreneurs dead set on helping everyone who’s willing to learn how to achieve all their entrepreneurial dreams in the new Connection Economy.

This is the first diary entry where I give you a progress update of what is going on behind the scenes of our platform and introduce you to Chris Michael Owen – one of our video producers and editors!

Hong Kong Visa Centre Diary 1

Shot on July 23, 2019.

The Hong Kong Visa Centre is the professional for-the-individual visa and immigration consulting practice Stephen originally started in 1993 and relaunched with Martyn in 2011.

It was out of this business that the Intelligent Content Marketing business model emerged.

This is the first diary entry where I talk about the situation in Hong Kong and how the riots have affected our business.

Hong Kong Visa Sherpa Diary 1

Shot on June 20, 2019.

5 years after the launch of the Hong Kong Visa Centre, we started work of a specific new 100% free Hong Kong visa and immigration content platform designed specifically for us to create new client relationships in the corporate segment, which is 85% of our total market niche.

This is the first diary entry where we introduce you to the business and the amazing team that sits behind the success of Hong Kong Visa Sherpa!

SK Media Diary 1

Simeon Krastev is a young entrepreneur passionate about health, fitness and the intelligent content marketing business model. A mutual passion for making Connection Economy ideas spread is what brought Stephen and Simeon together in 2017 and out of which the idea of MONOPOLY Tribe was born.

This is the first diary etry where I share my experience with Intelligent Content Marketing and what it is like working with the rest of the team!

Elspeth Rae Diary 1: First Interview

Shot in June, 2018.

Elspeth Rae is an Edinburgh based property search and investment expert, who also happens to be related to Dr. Bruce.

The two brothers agree on the surprising and incredible power of FREE.

Elspeth has fully implemented the principles of the Monopoly Planner and loves the confidence she now has when dealing with a client.

The best education for Elspeth has been accepting the experience of it all.

That along with her experience and knowledge of her field allowed her to infuse her business proposition with the principles of the Monopoly Planner without having to reinvent her business.

This allowed her business to significantly increase revenues and most importantly to stand out from her competitors in building client relationships.

Watch the progress her business is making after applying the principles of Intelligent Content Marketing.

David’s Story

David Bruce’s story begins in 1980’s Scotland, where he graduated in Accountancy and Computer Science before qualifying as a chartered accountant.

His enthusiasm for Asian studies, as well as an entrepreneurial urge, took him to Hong Kong in 1988.

There he founded his first business using the cutting-edge technology of the day – the fax machine.

This was the start of a 36-year journey, during which his newly discovered teaching skills, thirst for knowledge, and business acumen led to him establishing several successful companies in various field.

As he himself admits: “I was no expert in some of these fields. However, by combing up-to-date reading with a confident demeanor, I carried it off.”

Today David is a fledging Connection Economy entrepreneur starting out on a completely new intellectual and commercial adventure.

With his company ‘Executive Knowledge’ and its high value content platform ‘Examinator.Online’, he is on the brink of creating his own monopoly.

In 2018 David reconnected with Stephen Barnes and decided he wanted to learn all about the Connection Economy and how to go about building a monopoly.

So, in the months following, Stephen and David spent many Saturdays imparting and receiving everything there is to know about Intelligent Content Marketing and the resulting material is now known as ‘Monopoly – The Planner’.