25-6-19: Zzzzip Progress

Intelligent Content Marketing is an innovative business model designed for the Connection economy. By consistently publishing high quality and actionable content, adopters of the model are able to dominate Google organic search which is, in our new internet-based world, the holy grail of online marketing.

Week 5 of the video diary journey starts with an update on the progress Will and I have made so far with Zzzzip. We share a bit more about the roadmap to optimizing the Direct Response Marketing content strategy we have in play for our Monopoly Tribe project. In the final part of the video, I share my thoughts on Jeff Bezos and his story.

“So it’s Tuesday, the 25th of June today, it’s going on later on the afternoon is coming for three o’clock. Now, off to our first training session will and I are having a a week long soiree in this new gym, which is at the back of our office building here in Wan Chai, owned by a client and friend of mine as it happens, and hopefully, it’s quite, quite the nice guy, anyway, was on a bit of a sort of revise health gig at the moment. And I’ve been looking after myself physically for a couple of years now actually coming up totally for two years completely on June 30, which is just about a week from now. Anyway, be that as it may, that’s coming up this afternoon, probably grab a bit of footage of me. And while we’re there, just to keep the whole thing interesting. Just from a zip perspective, this week, it’s Tuesday, yesterday was a big day for will, three really decent client opportunities presented themselves with immediate revenue, certainly medium to long term decent revenue from all three clients. So we’re delighted with that I, for my part, have been working on the preparation of the planner materials for basically, the content that we need to wrap around the journey of direct response marketing about click funnels into selling the monopolar clan or join the tribe proposition. So we’re at that point in our overall sort of, you know, project development endeavors that we are turning our attention to these kinds of stuff, this kind of stuff now. And I’ve been given a bit of a roadmap from Simeon, who’s been meeting with Constantine in Sofia in Bulgaria, where they’re based to begin to sort of make ready to beta test our initial direct direct response marketing of the monopoly tribe material into into our first persona that we’ve come up with, but I’ll talk more about that later on. One thing that I wanted to try to inject into this sort of data keeping endeavors is kind of the learnings that I come across as I surf YouTube and look to dive deeper on interesting things that I think helped me to sort of round out my understanding of various things. Well, whilst I’ve talked about my intellectual heroes ad nauseam, first for as long as I have, I’ve been cognizant of the fact that Jeff Bezos has got you know, a story to tell and haven’t really paid too much attention to him. But over the last week or so, I’ve had reason to watch a few of his interviews and some of the stuff that he’s written previously, and not least, my colleague, Simeon in Bulgaria, sent to me a copy of all the letters to Amazon shareholders since the establishment of the entity is a publicly listed business. So fascinating. So far, 70 pages I’m about 14 pages in just dealing with how the business looks at the end of the 1990s When I was first starting this funky stuff here in Hong Kong. And I haven’t been surprised at all by any of the sort of things I’ve learned from him. Whilst I’ve been consuming this material.”


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